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I do this thing called what I want…

Hi guys!

I’ve had a crazy busy couple of weeks, how are you? To de-stress and relax I take out my journal and start messing around in it. This is my creative proces. So for today I’ve got a messy art journal page for you.

You can follow my creative proces with the Snap tutorial I created for you:
Check out How to Create This Art Journal Page With Daniëlle by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

And here are some close up pictures:

To bring everything together and add some contrast, I used quite some Raider colorations spray. Don’t be afraid to add black, it looks great!

Thanks for reading along, see you next time!

List of products I used:

Colorations: Steel, Raider, Wild Orchid

Minx ink: Majestic

Stencils: Wheel, Lotus

Texture paste: Mud

Sorbet: Black Leather Jacket

Shine: Grape Purple

Velvet: Cotton

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How to Give a Book a New Life as Bookbox !!

Ellie Knol here again, yes, sadly for the last time now, as I step down from the design team after being here for a year..

…but don’t be sad, there are very talented new design team members already here now!

Thanks Stayce for having me, I really had fun working (playing) with your beautiful product! They will stay in my stash and I am sure I will USE them!

This time I chose to alter a book into a bookbox. It was a looooooot of work!

I gave myself some homework: and I must say: mission accomplished…

I wanted to know whether I like to work on a white or black surface better?! I still don’t know the answer.. I like them both.


 I chose to use the colors from the current moodboard:
For a step-by-step of the process: SNAPGUIDE!!

Check out How to Give a Book a New Life as Bookbox by Art Anthology on Snapguide.


Some photo’s of the project: I had fun!




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If you need more inspiration check out Art Anthology

on Pinterest and YouTube

You can shop for everything used in this tutorial at Art Anthology’s online store.

Art Anthology Products Used:

Lattice Stencil 6×9

Blue Topaz Dimensional Gemstones

Baby Blue Eyes Sorbet

Fiji Velvet

Aloha Velvet

Mermaid Sorbet

Honolulu Sorbet

Mayan Gold Velvet

Tango Velvet

Ferrari Sorbet



Abstract Canvas With Dimension, Texture and Shimmer

Kathy here today to share a three canvas set that is inspired by similar ones I have seen on Pinterest lately with lots of layers of shimmer and texture in linear patterns. Each canvas is 4″ x 12″ canvases.

Texture and Shine Canvas9

Art Anthology paints are very dimensional and work really well for creating layers of texture without adding additional mediums.  Let me show you how I created my project.

Check out How to Create a Canvas With Dimension and Texture by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

Texture and Shine Canvas1

Art Anthology Stucco is a product that acts much light joint compound.  It doesn’t have a creamy consistency like Art Anthology Mud.  It creates a more course texture and adds lots of stiff peaks that are emphasized by the black glaze in this project.

Texture and Shine Canvas7

To make the pieces more cohesive together, I continued the texture and pattern on the edges.  I  wanted to achieved the feeling that the color is spilling off the canvas. What do you think?

Texture and Shine Canvas6Close-up of the gems and glitter.Texture and Shine Canvas4

Look at the crackle created using the Kroma crackle medium.  It is subtle but adds so much depth.Texture and Shine Canvas3

Now it’s time for you to go create some texture and shine! Happy creating!

Did you know that you can share your work on Facebook at Art Anthology’s Adventures in Art?  If you want even more inspiration check out Art Anthology onPinterest and YouTube.  And don’t forget that you can shop for everything used in this tutorial at Art Anthology’s online store.



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Palmetto Tree Canvas

Palmetto Tree

Hi there Art Anthology friends!  Kathy here today to share with you my painting of an iconic symbol of South Carolina where I live. The palmetto tree is on the state flag and many South Carolina artists paint this symbol.  So I thought I would try my hand at it!  And for a first attempt, I thought it turned out pretty good!  See how I created it in the Snapguide below.

Check out How to Paint a Palmetto Tree by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

You can see in these detailed photos how well Art Anthology paints create texture.  The leaves and the tree trunk were created using only the paints with no texture medium at all.

Palmetto Tree3

Palmetto Tree Detail1

Palmetto Tree2


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The Positive and the Negative


For my first post this month, I have to be honest, I wasn’t feeling inspired.   When I feel this way, I love to peruse Pinterest and YouTube for ideas or check out my favorite blogs for  inspiration.  I found a canvas project on the Ranger site using the Tim Holtz dragonfly die cut as a mask.  This is a favorite die of mine, and it got me thinking about how I could cut stencils and masks using dies. Oh, the possibilities!  I had stencil sheets that I never used so I cut out the dragonfly, and now I had the mask and the stencil to create my projects.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between a stencil and a mask, here is my explanation:  A stencil has open areas that allow media through and results in a positive image.  A mask is used to cover the surface and allows media around it resulting in a negative image.  It’s always nice to have both the positive and negative images to work with.

So for my first project, I used the mask to create a negative image on a 6″x 6″ canvas with lots of texture around it.  And, of course, Art Anthology paints and sprays bring that texture to life!


I liked the results so much that I made two more using the butterfly and bee die cut masks

Dragonfly, Butterfly, and Bee

Dragonfly, Butterfly, and Bee

Check out How to Create a Textured Dragonfly Canvas by Art Anthology on Snapguide.


Dragonfly Detail

Dragonfly Detail





Guess what?  I have another project to share using the dragonfly stencil to make a positive image.  I prepared a 9″ x 12″ canvas using lots of stenciling and paint layers.

Stenciled Canvas

Stenciled Canvas

Check out How to Create a Dragonfly Canvas by Art Anthology on Snapguide.


Dragonfly Detail

Dragonfly Detail

As a final step, I added a bit of clear Distress Crackle Paint to the wings and after it dried I applied Silk Tie Colorations Spray with my finger.  I let it seep down in the cracks then wiped the excess off with a baby wipe.  This final step really made the wings look realistic.

Dragonfly Canvas With Vines

Dragonfly Canvas With Vines

So go make some stencils and masks with your dies and use Art Anthology paints and sprays to make pretty things!

Kathy Adams