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The Positive and the Negative


For my first post this month, I have to be honest, I wasn’t feeling inspired.   When I feel this way, I love to peruse Pinterest and YouTube for ideas or check out my favorite blogs for  inspiration.  I found a canvas project on the Ranger site using the Tim Holtz dragonfly die cut as a mask.  This is a favorite die of mine, and it got me thinking about how I could cut stencils and masks using dies. Oh, the possibilities!  I had stencil sheets that I never used so I cut out the dragonfly, and now I had the mask and the stencil to create my projects.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between a stencil and a mask, here is my explanation:  A stencil has open areas that allow media through and results in a positive image.  A mask is used to cover the surface and allows media around it resulting in a negative image.  It’s always nice to have both the positive and negative images to work with.

So for my first project, I used the mask to create a negative image on a 6″x 6″ canvas with lots of texture around it.  And, of course, Art Anthology paints and sprays bring that texture to life!


I liked the results so much that I made two more using the butterfly and bee die cut masks

Dragonfly, Butterfly, and Bee

Dragonfly, Butterfly, and Bee

Check out How to Create a Textured Dragonfly Canvas by Art Anthology on Snapguide.


Dragonfly Detail

Dragonfly Detail





Guess what?  I have another project to share using the dragonfly stencil to make a positive image.  I prepared a 9″ x 12″ canvas using lots of stenciling and paint layers.

Stenciled Canvas

Stenciled Canvas

Check out How to Create a Dragonfly Canvas by Art Anthology on Snapguide.


Dragonfly Detail

Dragonfly Detail

As a final step, I added a bit of clear Distress Crackle Paint to the wings and after it dried I applied Silk Tie Colorations Spray with my finger.  I let it seep down in the cracks then wiped the excess off with a baby wipe.  This final step really made the wings look realistic.

Dragonfly Canvas With Vines

Dragonfly Canvas With Vines

So go make some stencils and masks with your dies and use Art Anthology paints and sprays to make pretty things!

Kathy Adams



Forever Wonderful by Marleen




Hello AA fans, Marleen here with a new blogpost with a project that I’ve made for the CHA in Anaheim. It was a lot of work but I like the final result.

I made a video for you.

DSC_6377bb DSC_6372bb DSC_6369bb

Maybe till the CHA or till the next blogpost.

Inspired?? I hope so 😉



tweets inn

today i am here to show you how i altered a wooden birdhouse to put on display on my front step using a few Velvets!!

i started by removing the front decorations off the birdhouse and painting the pillars and front door using Fiji
IMG_1804 IMG_1805








i then applied some Ash to the entire bird house and using tim’s mini hammer i added some distress marks. i then scraped some Kona into those dents to make it look a little aged








my plan was to make this birdhouse look old, worn, antique like. so i knew that if one added vaseline to the edges and such that the next layer of paint wouldn’t adhere. well i don’t have any so i improvised and used my leather polish instead. once it was applied i painted my birdhouse using Desire and then once dry i wiped it with a wet wipe and hey look.. it worked.








i repeated using Limeaid and Lemon Tart….as you can see it is not really meshing with the roof so i repeated the whole process  once again using the Cotton.

IMG_1842 IMG_1845








i am so very very pleased with how it turned out.


thanks for stopping by today. be sure to stop by daily with your drink of choice and see what the dream team has up for offer!

Art Anthology products used:

Velvets:  Ash, Kona, Lemon Tart, Limeaid, Desire, Cotton
Sorbet: Trolley Grey, Dazzle

Sizzix trellisdie
Idea-ology – alpha parts -ransom, hitch fasteners


Avant-Garde anyone?

So yes I know Halloween isn’t quite here, but how many of us really want to be preparing at the last minute?

 photo IMG_38392_zps2e2d500b.jpg

It is so super easy to create your own mask. I thought about building one from scratch but really you can buy them for a dollar at our dollar store, so why do the tedious work? I would rather decorate.

I started off painting my entire mask with the Velvet paint “Ash”. It gave the mask a deepened tone as well as funky texture.

 photo IMG_3745_zps5557f4eb.jpg

Once that was completely dry. I broke out a few colours of the Dimensional Crystal to actually do the decorative work with. I used Peony, Fairy & Mermaid Splash. I cut out a spiderweb from a fabulous Sizzix set. Then I painted the entire thing with the Mermaid Splash. Let dry.  photo IMG_3741_zps038500b5.jpg

Once dry, use a strong adhesive to attach.


Then start decorating the eyes. I put it on pretty heavy.

 photo IMG_3747_zps7e81bf4b.jpg
Here’s a side view.
 photo IMG_3842_zpscca75685.jpg My pipsqueak was more than happy to model and play with this. She actually has claimed it

Hope you liked this little mask, it sure was fun making it!

Leica Forrest

my blog


Just Playing Around!

Hi it’s Leica! After I showed you a week ago how to play with the paints and embossing folders, I myself kept playing. It really is a lot of fun and “freeing” to just play randomly. I love just playing with all the paints to try and see which colours go well together. I ended up with this little gem. I adore it. It is really quite bright & cheery and I have it sitting in my windowsill right now.


So grab your Velvet paints. I’ve circled the two colours I have used to make the tag. (Aloha & Limeade)


I started out just randomly painting vertical lines. No particular order. I did the bright limeade first all over and then added aloha a little more sparingly, and then had fun blending the colours.


Then same as last time, I embossed and inked the emboss parts. Quick & Easy, perfect for a card or tag.

No go get messy!  :))

Leica Forrest

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