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Minx Mandala

Hello, today I would like to show you my new love ūüôā

I always try to create something different, new, try some new techniques or more..

This time I decided to try draw (and paint) a Mandala. I used Art Anthology Meridian stencil. I thought that could be perfect base for my very first Mandala.


I painted it of Minxs. Look how it Shimmer beautiful..





I have also a very quick step by step on Snapguide!
Check out How to Draw and Paint a Mandala Using Minxs by Marta De by Art Anthology on Snapguide.
I used:

Thank you for stopping by, Marta De.


3D Christmas Card

Hello, today I would like to show you, how to create a nice 3D Christmas Card with our paints.


And some close up’s…


IMG_4896 IMG_4892






Check out How to Paint 3D Chipboard Christmas Card by Marta De by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

Thank you for stopping by, and see you next time ūüôā

Marta De



Whale Watching and a Technique Video

I knew right away what I was going to paint for this month’s theme. ¬†Kathy here today to share with you one of my bucket list items. ¬†When I was young, I remember seeing a National Geographic magazine article about whales and I was mesmerized by them. ¬†To this day, I am intrigued by their size, intelligence and gentle spirit. I’ve never seen one in their natural habitat but before I leave this earth, I will. ¬†So I found a photograph online of a whale tail in the ocean and used it as a foundation for my canvas.

Whale Watching 1

Whale Watching by Kathy Adams

I’m also inspired by how my favorite artist, Jonathan Green, paints water. ¬†I love how he paints different shades of blue next to each other without mixing them together to create movement and vibrancy. ¬†I wanted to attempt to create that same feeling using Art Anthology paints and Mud and add lots of texture also.

Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green

So I played around with some different techniques and came up with a simple way to paint ocean water, creating a feeling  of movement while adding lots of texture.

Water Created Using Mud and Art Anthology Paint

Water Created With Mud and Art Anthology Paint

I’ve prepared a video (my first for Art Anthology!) to show my technique. The first part of the video is the sky and mountains. ¬†The water technique begins at 1:08. ¬†I also included a bonus video at the end. ¬†Enjoy!


Whale Watching

Whale Watching

I ended up with two completed canvases because i was playing around with the technique. Below is my completed bonus canvas.

Take Flight

Take Flight

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Palmetto Tree Canvas

Palmetto Tree

Hi there Art Anthology friends!  Kathy here today to share with you my painting of an iconic symbol of South Carolina where I live. The palmetto tree is on the state flag and many South Carolina artists paint this symbol.  So I thought I would try my hand at it!  And for a first attempt, I thought it turned out pretty good!  See how I created it in the Snapguide below.

Check out How to Paint a Palmetto Tree by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

You can see in these detailed photos how well Art Anthology paints create texture.  The leaves and the tree trunk were created using only the paints with no texture medium at all.

Palmetto Tree3

Palmetto Tree Detail1

Palmetto Tree2


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