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Creating a layout in your art journal with Daniëlle

Hi there!

You all probably know by now my number one art love is art journaling… So I decided to challenge myself and create a mixed media layout in my big art journal.

You can follow my step in the snapguide tutorial I created for you:

Check out How to Create a Layout in Your Art Journal by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

And here are some close-up pictures of my project:

List of products I used:

Colorations: Glorious, Barbie, Juicy, Plush

Stencils: Moroccan, Hazards, Messy bubbles

Velvet: Taxi cab

Texture paste: Mud

Sorbet: Mi Bella

Stone effects: Bone

Fairy Dust: Ice

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Mixed media layout with Daniëlle

Hi there!

Today I’m showing you how I created a mixed media layout with my Art anthology supplies. I’m not a scrapbooker so even layouts get my mixed media signature.

If you want to create one of your own you can follow my snapguide tutorial:

Check out How to Create a Mixed Media Layout With Daniëlle by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

Some yummy close ups for you:

Products I used:

Colorations: Granny Smith, Clover, Warm, Sedona

Stencils: Lattice, Scales

Shine: Kelly green

Sorbet: Ferrari

Texture set: Rust

If you need more inspiration check out Art Anthology on Pinterest and YouTube.
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Christmas layout

Hello there !

It’s Christmas soon, and you will have plenty of pictures to scrap ! Or, if you are like me, you have tons of pictures you should have scrap already… So let’s add another page to your Christmas scrapbook that you can made with our lovely Art Anthology products !

Let’s start with the background… The poinsettias are draw with a stencil and paint withe Ruby Red Shine. You can also see the Dot Matrix and the Chevron stencil in use.

In the AA products range, I used Colorations sprays in Warm and Raider, as well as Indulgence Minx.

I love using stencils, they are so versatile ! I think one of my favorite way to use stencil is to help me draw design with a fine pen. But it’s fun with an ink pad, or paste or medium too !

Another technique I like is the ink resist. My brown paper was ink resist, so I played with the Ruby Red Shine, and it works well too !

If you want to learn how I create this layout, watch my video tutorial on the Art Anthology channel or there :

Thank you for your time, have a wonderful Holidays time, and see you soon !


War and sakura : a mixed media layout

Hello !

Valerie today to present you a new project… I create a scrapbooking layout using two colorations sprays, some Mud texture paste with stencil and a Gemstone Effect medium…

So why War and Sakura ? Because the subject of the picture is an Onna-Bugeisha,  a rare female warrior from the high society of Japan. Despite her armor, she is extremely feminine. Did you notice the flowers in her hair ? That’s inspired me for the sakura flowers in my layout.

I started building the background with a resist paper and Colorations sprays in Sandcastle and Patience. I use the Blossom stencil with brown ink, then add some Mud paste over the Cracked stencil.

When the Mud was dried, I stamped cherry blossom in brown ink before painted them with Rhodolite Gemstone Dimensional medium.To complete the layout, I added cherry blossom cut out from a sheet of paper.

You can watch the complete process of this page on the Art Anthology YouTube channel or just here :

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you did find some inspiration for your next project !

See you soon for more…


Stars, Stripes & Smiles!

Hello All Lanette here!

I hope that everyone is having an amazing summer, we are having a busy crazy HOT summer! But I just had to stop in and share this patriotic layout that I created featuring my lovey little ladies and lots of Art Anthology sparkle!


Minx Ink & Dimensional Sorbet gave my layout just the right amount of sparkle and shine!

full image

You can see how I created this layout start to finish here:

Check out How to Create a Patriotic Layout by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

Some details shots just for fun!




Here is a link to all the fabulous Art Anthology Products I used:

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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Layout “Sky is the limit” by Anna Komenda

Hello AA fans. It’s Anna here with some summer inspiration. I played with Colorations Sprays and I created a layout. I was inspired by picture I took during our visit at my parent’s house. They live in the countryside and the sky often looks fabulous there. So crisp and blue till the green horizon.

DSC_9130 DSC_9139

As I mentioned, I played with Colorations Sprays. I sprayed the background with three shades of blue using circle as a stencil.


I left the white circle in the middle of the blue circles but I also wanted to add white clouds. I didn/t have a proper stencil so I created one by myself. I used texture paste to create the clouds.


I added a pinch of yellow and I created three colors palette: white, blue and yellow as a sun.


The title just jumped into my head. I feel free and wild when I look at the sky and distant horizon. It gives my such a great power to deal with the daily routine.


I also created a process video for You.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDHe5w6XAfA]

Thank You for stopping by and see You in two weeks 🙂




Best Ever!


Hello Artists!

Today, I have a quicky post of a layout I made using some Art Anthology yumminess.






Thanks for stopping by!

Art Anthology Name Badge


WISH Layout

Hello, today I would like to show you my layout “WISH” with my old photo.


Look at some details :


Wooden cuts with Allure.


Texture created with Sorbet Linen and also some Embossing with stencils.


Minx splashes on the background.


And Minx on the chipboards.


With beautiful shimmer.


I prepared a photo tutorial for you. See the proces on the Snapguide.
Check out How to Create a WISH Layout With Black Gesso and Minx. by Art Anthology on Snapguide.


I used:


Thank you for stopping by today!

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Marta De.



Hi Crafty Friends!

Hi Crafty Friends Phyllis Fernandez here to share my first Design Team project for Art Anthology.  I am humbled and super excited to be a part of the Dream Team!

I love creating 12×12 scrapbook layout pages!  So that’s what I will be sharing with you today!

DSC00025 (1)

Although my favorite color to create with is any blue,  the Salmon and French Toast colorations sprays,  Garnet and Rhodolite Gemstones,  and Enchanting Minx were what I grabbed first!  They worked well together.


I LOVE lots of texture,  more is better in my book!!!  😀

DSC00016 (1)

The flowers matched perfectly with Art Anthology products I used!    So Yummy!!!

DSC00019 (1)

I painted Rhodolite Gemstones on the chipboard pieces and WOW I am in LOVE with the Gemstones,  the texture is awesome and it dries quickly!

I did some stenciling for the background using Art Anthology’s Mud.


I also love to distress my edges,  gives more dimension to a layout!

DSC00018 (1)

I always love to use beads and microbeads for added interest and texture.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

I hope that I’ve inspired you to create something beautiful!

Here’s my start to finish YouTube video:

Start to finish Youtube video

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Mixed Media Project Journaling Life Cards

Hi. Kathy Adams here today.  I don’t do Project Life, but when I scrapbook these days I use the divided scrapbook pages.  I can get lots more memory keeping done faster this way than traditional 12″x12″ layout scrapbooking.  To put my own artistic spin on it, I love to make my own journaling cards.  Today I will show you how I used Colorations Sprays and Art Anthology stencils to make what I like to call a master board, then cut it apart to fit the divided pockets and customize them with memorabilia, stamps, die-cuts and embellishments.

PL Cards 01

PL Cards

May’s theme is found objects, and on my recent trip to Germany, I returned with lots of goodies, including maps, tickets, and some Euro and Swiss coins and a $5 Euro bill. Since working in banking for so many years, I’ve become a bit of a coin and money collecting geek.  I can’t help thinking that American money is not that pretty compared to other currencies around the world!  Many currencies have different size bills and coins and are very colorful! Here are a few to compare just for fun:

Euro Currency

Euro Currency

American Currency

Swiss Notes

Swiss Notes

Wow! That Swiss Currency is beautiful!  Well, no matter what it looks like, I think we could all agree that we’d like to have a bit more of it!!

So after picking out the photos and memorabilia I would use on my divided pages, I had to come up with a way to seal the pocket that my money was going into.  I usually sew them closed with my sewing machine but I decided to use Super Adhesive Double-Sided Tape to seal the pocket and decorate the top with some May Arts gold eyelash ribbon and glitzy tab garland. Then I got to work on my master board.

Check out How to Create Mixed Media Project Life Cards by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

Here are more detailed photos.

PL Detail 5

PL Detail 4

PL Detail 3

PL Detail 2

PL Detail 1

PL Detail 6

So how do you like to scrapbook these days?  Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment down below.  And visit my personal blog for more of my art work at  http://kathyadamsmixedupart.blogspot.com/.