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Messy page, Always follow your dreams.

Hello peeps,

I’m back from a break and full energy to play with the Art Anthology products.

With this page I used  the Fragments stencil from the NEW stencil collection,
so I hope to inspire you all !!

Watch the Snapguide for a step by step tutorial:

Check out How to Create This Messy Page by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

Here are some extra detail photos:

Hugs and have a creative day 😉


Shabby Altered Box

Hello crafters !

Valerie here, back with a new mixed media project !

Soft colors of Spring, butterflies and flowers were my inspiration for today… I’m came up with this shabby altered box :

I use two Colorations sprays on this box, Avocado and Wild Orchid, and in two ways, by spraying (box and embellishments) and by painting (the cameo and the frame).

Here another close-up on the clay frame and cameo, painted with the Colorations sprays with a brush…

You will find the complete tutorial on the Art Anthology You Tube channel :

Thank you for stopping by today, and see you in two weeks…


Mixed media on 3 boards for home decor

A good day to you all, Ellie Knol here …
I am so glad to be here again… with another fun project.

I’ve made a home decor piece for you!

For the step by step of the project, please see the Snapguide tutorial at the end of this post!

Here you can see a detail (of one of the boards) of the ‘waterdrops’ that were created with a hot glue gun.
The 3 boards in full detail:

Check out How to Create Some Mixed Media Home Decor by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

I hope that I have inspired you to create something pretty today, maybe something to use as home decor, but these techniques can also be used on cards, on an Art Journal page, on a canvas etc etc! Just play!

SEE you!

If you need more inspiration check out Art Anthology

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Art Anthology Products Used:


Colorations spray and glass?!

 Hi, Ellie Knol here today.. with a very FUN and easy project;
playing with Colorations! YES, on glass!!
Find out how in this post, and for a tutorial go see the Snapguide at the end of the post.
Here you can see the finished project as it looks during the day.
To begin with, I bought this as a whole on a flea market, with the glass being uncolored.
I used Colorations, deli paper, gesso and a stamp.
Doesn’t this look yummy?
Some detail of the colored paper (the backside) after it had dried.
With the lights and the candles both on.
With the lights out and the candles on.
Every photo I took gave some other detail of the beautiful colors, depending on the light around it, and whether the candles or on or not.

I’ve created a Snapguide tutorial for you, with a step-by-step of the creation of these candle holders with the beautiful Colorations (inkspray) from Art Anthology.  

Check out How to Decorate Glass Candle Holders With Deli Paper by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

I hope you will give this a try…
it’s always nice to have some candles burning at night
during the darker period of the year!!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! 

SEE you!

If you need more inspiration check out Art Anthology

on Pinterest and YouTube

and/or don’t forget to join
our Facebook group Art Anthology’s Adventures in Art !  You can share your creations there, too! 

And don’t forget that you can shop for everything used in this tutorial at
Art Anthology’s online store.

Art Anthology Products Used:


Inspire – A Mixed Media Canvas

Hello !

Valerie again for another mixed media project using Art Anthology paints and stencils ! Here are the products I started with (see end of this post for a list of AA products) :


And with all of that, I have created this canvas…

inspire canvasTake a closer look… You can see through the paste the old book pages… a lot of layers in this project ! First book pages with gel medium, then Colorations sprays, paste mixed with Colorations sprays over stencils, rub-on, stamps, flowers…

inspire-cuYou will find the complete tutorial on my video on the AA channel :

Thanks for taking some time to read this post. I hope to see you soon on this blog. Meanwhile, you can find inspiration on the AA Facebook or Pinterest page.

valerie andrieux AA DT




Create 12×12 backgrounds with Colorations, stencils and sorbet

Hi, Ellie Knol here again today!

See what magic you can create by just playing with the products from Art Anthology!!

Today I’ll take you through the steps of creating a 12×12 background with sorbets, Colorations ink sprays, stencils, texture paste and gesso. It can be cut up to smaller pieces for cards, ATC’s or maybe a board for home-decorating.

art-anthology-terragroen-masterboard-background-cat-collage-ellie-knol-25The card above has been created from an A6 part of the background.


I LOVE the structure from the stencils and texture paste, and the depth the sprayinks give. art-anthology-terragroen-masterboard-background-cat-collage-ellie-knol-23

Some detail:

I plan to make a board for home decorating from this A5 size part of the background.  art-anthology-terragroen-masterboard-background-cat-collage-ellie-knol-18


Hope I’ve inspired you again to get messy fingers too!

SEE you! 

Check out How to Create Background With Sprays, Stencils and Sorbet by Art Anthology on Snapguide.


If you need more inspiration check out Art Anthology
on Pinterest and YouTube
or maybe you’d like to join our Facebook group
Art Anthology’s Adventures in Art !
You can share your creations there, too!

And don’t forget that you can shop for everything used in this tutorial at
Art Anthology’s online store.

Art Anthology Products Used:



Mixed Media Art Journal page

HI !
Ellie Knol here today!
YES, you’re right, I’m new here…
I am thrilled and honoured to be able to show you a creation with some gorgeous products from Art Anthology!!

I created a double page in my art journal.
That meant play time, of course!
And messy fingers!


I’ve made this art journal by recycling an old book, by ripping every second page out of the book, and gluing 2 pages to each other, and I’ve torn all the edges off the paper.
That makes every page unique to start with!


I LOVE the effect of the drippage of the colorations on this page, and the book text peeping through the gesso!

Check out How to Make a Mixed Media Art Journal Page by Ellie by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

Hope I’ve inspired you to get messy fingers too!

SEE you! 


If you need more inspiration check out Art Anthology
on Pinterest and YouTube

and don’t forget to join our Facebook group
Art Anthology’s Adventures in Art !
You can share your creations there, too!

And don’t forget that you can shop for everything used in this tutorial at
Art Anthology’s online store.

Art Anthology Products Used:


Canvas “Awesome” by Anna Komenda

Hello everyone. It’s my turn again to inspire You with Art Atnology based project.  This time I created a boyish canvas with my cute nephew.

DSC_1700 DSC_1704

I played with my favourite colors to create background. I used some dimmensional paints like Velvets and Sorbets and I added a lot of water to use them like a watercolors.


I love how versatile those paints are. I can create textures with them, paint like a painter, color with them and use them with stencils.


I added few boyish embellishments and project was ready in less than an hour (not counting drying all the layers and media).


Really fun and simple project to do and my sister will be happy to have (another) picture of her son framed 😀

There is also a video tutorial, as always. I hope You will enjoy watching it.

This post is also a little bit sad because it’s my last post for Art Anthology. It was wonderful six months packed with amazing products, talented team and great boss. Thank You Stayce for having me in this team. My adventure with Art Anthology DT is coming to an end but it’s definetelly not the end of my adventure with Art Anthology great products.

Thank You for stopping by and I hope we will meet somewhere on line from time to time.





10 fun ways to use mists by Anna Komenda


Hello Art Anthology fans. It’s Anna here with something a little bit different than usual. There won’t be any video tutorial today but I have a lot, lot pictures for You along with 10 fun ways You can use Your mists.

I created two pages in my art journal using mostly mists as a colorful medium. I will walk You through that process telling You about ways You can use Your mists. Some of them are obvious and some might be new for You. So let’s start 🙂

First I must say You what I did with my journal. It’s a hand made journal, that was a gift from my friend Kasia. She used regular thick paper to create the pages. They can handle a little bit of moisture but they are not a watercolor paper bo I have to be careful, because with too much liquid they will just fall apart.

I wanted to show You the difference with applying and using mist on two surfaces: one is just a regular paper (the page on the left side) and the second one is a paper with a thin layer of gesso (the page on the right side).


1. Spray with them. 

Yes, this is the most obvious way to use mists. After all they were created for this purpose. You can spray on the page lying flat on the desk. they You will receive the circular shape of color with lighter edges. But You can also spray on paper that is holded verticaly. You will acheive nice, long paths of color. And this is what I decided to do with my pages. Notice that the one with the blue mist is covered with gesso. It changes the intensity of color. Mists applied on gesso are drying lighter shade of color than applied on the paper. Mists on gesso also need more time to dry.


2. Use stencil.

Stencils are one of the fun ways You can spread Your misting process. Just choose from the variety of shapes and spray through them. It’s really simple. It’s what I did on the red side. You can also use negative and stamp with Your stencil. This is what I did on the blue side. The effect will be more inpredictable and the shapes won’t look as sharp as the one that was sprayed through the stencil. But sometimes is the effect You like better. Notice that not all stencils will look good with stamping. The best effects You can achieve with small patterns with thin stencil lines.

DSC_1089 DSC_1093 DSC_1095

3. Paint with them.

Yes. You can use Your mists as a watercolor paints. Coloration Sprays from Art Anthology don’t contain the shimmering powder so they look really like a paints. But if You have sparkling mists only, You can still use them this way. You will just have a sprakling image in the end. Just take a piece of watercolor paper, add few drops of mists into the plastic palette, take brush and paint. You can mix colors to get right shades. I draw a face on my piece of watercolor paper. I wanted to add contours too so I took black indian ink, pen nib and just sketch the lines. Remember to let the ink dry before You use Your mists. Indian ink is waterproof after it’s dry. If You don’t have indian ink and a pen nib, You can also use some water proof marker.

DSC_1101 DSC_1102 DSC_1105 DSC_1111 DSC_1116

4. Create colorful gesso or texture paste.

You can mix Your mists with gesso or texture paste to create new colors of dimensional mediums. Gesso is the one that is harder to dye with mists and the shades as really pastel after mixing it all together. But texture paste is much more easier to add color. But remember that if You want to use Your texture paste through the stencil, You can’t add to much liquid. I used light brown gesso on the red side and grey texture paste on the right side. they were both dyed with mists. I wasn;t satisfied of the shade of my brown gesso so I decided to add more color by spraying with with the mist on the page.

DSC_1119 DSC_1121 DSC_1123 DSC_1128 DSC_1131

5. Write with them.

We used our mists as paints but You can also ise them as inks. Just take pen nib or a brush and write with them on Your pages. I used grey mist to write few words on my red page. Writing on gesso is more difficult because mist dry very light. So I reccomend You to write on plain paper. I also wanted to highlight the birds on my blue page so I outlined them with indian ink and wrote few words too. Indian ink looks good on the pages covered with gesso. It’s still black, shiny and water proof.

DSC_1132 DSC_1138

6. Use straw.

Straw is a very fun to use tool. You can just create a big blob by dipping the straw in the mist (be sure You have few drops on mist on the tip) and just blow through the straw from a high distanse (by high I mean something about 15 inches). You should achieve nice, big stain. When it’s still wet You can use clean straw and just blow from the proximity to create extra spaletters around Your blob. I tried this technique on my blue page but it was waved and the blob didn’t come so nice.


7. Use the mister.

If You like this messy look the easiest way to get the splatters is just to open the bottle and use the mister’s tube to splash on Your page. You don’t have much control with this process so if You are a person than do not like suprises on their pages – don’t walk this path. And If You are splashing on the pages with pictures – don’t forget to cover them with some paper scraps befor You start making a creative mess.


8. Dye the fabric.

Mists are great with dyeing the fabric. I am not talking about Your T shirt because I am not sure how it will works in the washing mashine. But take a piece of the fabric, spray it and add it to Your project. Sew it to the page or use stapler. It will add a lot of dimension and texture to Your page. You can also dye a gauze and use it on Your project.

DSC_1145 DSC_1146

9. Use dedicated products.

Some companies created special lines to go with mists. You can buy papers that are partialy covered with mist proof pattern. You can also buy fabric elements with some white printing on them. I also saw frames and other elements created for misting. You can also use wood veneers with Your mists. I decided to use some fabric shapes from one of the old Prima collections. I sprayed them with mist and attached them with stapler. I also glued few stips of fabric using gel medium. Gel medium is working really well with mists. It’s not mist proof so You can color the surface covered with gel medium.

DSC_1149 DSC_1152 DSC_1154

10. Take out some color.

This technique can be used on surfaces that were covered with gesso. Just sprinkle the page with water of, like me, with a sparkling colorless mist, take a paper towel and absord the water / mist with some of colored background. Really simple and You can get some nice effects. The picture below is the picture “after” so the loghter spots were created with this technique.


I showed You 10 ways to use Your mists but it’s not all. There are more fun techniques. You can use piece of foil, add few drops of mists on it and just stamp with that. It’s called “packaging technique”. You can use Your embossing powders and stamps to create mist proof papers. Those are just examples. I encourage You to experiment. Art journals are just perfect for that. You don’t have to always get spectacular effects. Remember than many great discoveries were made by accident 🙂 And most of all – HAVE FUN.

DSC_1156 DSC_1161

Thank You for stopping by.



Love rules here by Anna Komenda

Hello Art Anthology fans. It’s Anna here today. I would like to show You a pendant created for my daughter’s room. She is only seven right now but she starts to have her own opinions about everything. She also usually disagree with the sentence that I rule the house 😀 Because I do, right?

That’s why I created this pendant with inscription “Love rules here”. Because it’s the most important thing to remember everyday – that all I do, even if she don’t like it, I do because I love her very much. And I really hope that everytime when she will feel angry of me, she will look at this sign and cheer up a little.

DSC_0782 DSC_0789

I used a variety of AA products on this pendant – paints and mists. I also added few Melissa Frances wooden elements.



I really like the combination of turquise and purple and I highlighted it by adding butterflies in this colors.

DSC_0808.JPG DSC_0805

I have a video for You with my creative process.

Thank You for stopping by and see You soon.