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Mixed Media Sea Tag

Hello Art Anthology Friends and Fans! Jenn here today sharing a fun mixed media tag with a Sea theme. I have used Art Anthology Colorations Sprays, Minx Shimmering Inks, and Stencil.

AA Colorations Sprays – Timeless, Siesta Key
AA Minx Shimmering Ink – Gold Dust
AA Stencil – Messy Bubbles

To create my tag, I first adhered a grungy style paper to it and roughed up the edges. I also inked the edges using a brown distress ink. Next, I added some texture paste through the messy Bubbles stencils and let it dry. I smeared some crackle paste here and there and let that dry as well

Next I added AA Colorations Sprays alternating between the colors and drying in between with my heat tool. I then added the amazing shimmer seen using Minx in Gold Dust!

I love how the color settles in all of the crackle paste adding texture!

To finish my tag, I added lots of sea elements using shells, chipboards, paper and art stones.

Thanks so much for visiting the blog and viewing my post today! I hope that you are inspired to create something today!

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Fall meet Winter canvas

Hello !

Valerie here with something different from what I’m usually creating… it’s a canvas, to show you that you can paint with gel mediums as well as if it’s was acrylic, even if like me you’re not a painter !

After covering my canvas with white gesso, I started by applying grey (I used 50 shades but you can use Pewter) and Silver Metal Effect all over the canvas, then adding touches of red Desire Velvet with a small brush, using something water to dilute the color.

Then I added touches of Gold Metal Effect, Tango Velvet and Portobello Velvet to create different shades of leaves.

The trees are drawn with Tuxedo Velvet medium, with brushes of Onyx Shine. Few more brushes of Cotton Velvet to powder the landscape and I was done.

You should give it a try, it’s fun to create a canvas without pressure (we are not looking to create a masterpiece after all), and I have a little video tutorial to help you start with blank canvas by showing you how I did this one :

Thank you for your time, I hope this post will give give you some inspiration to create a canvas of your own.

See you soon with another project !


Art book by Valerie

Hi there !

The project I will show you today is a perfect example of what you can do with Art anthology products in a mixed media project… You will see (yes there is a video tutorial) different uses for Sorbet, Velvet, Colorations sprays, Minx, and stencils ! So grab a cup of something and relax, because it’s gonna be a long post…

Let’s first take a look at the complete project :

Some of the inside pages :

I love the peek between pages created by cutting the paper at different sizes…

This is the back cover, with Cotton Velvet, Limeaid Velvet, Imperial Sorbet, Cotton Candy Velvet mediums and Dottie, Inspired Grunge and Expressions stencils :

Here are close-ups of the pages :

Lots of Colorations sprays, stencils and mediums !

Stamps and white gel pen were used to add more dimensions to the pages.

And drops of water created a great look !

So many different textures too !

Here is the list of products I used for this project :

Colorations Sprays : Avocado, Barbie, Glorious, Sky, Patience, Plush, Salmon, TImeless, Waimea Bay, Wild Orchid.

Minx Shimmering inks : Gold Dust, Indulgence, Majestic, Stagazer.

Sorbet Dimensional mediums : Baby blue eyes, Imperial, Mi Bella, Wisteria, Sunshine.

Velvet Dimensional mediums : Cotton candy, Cotton, Lagoon, Limeaid.

Stencils : Blocked, Chasing butterflies, Dottie, Inspired grunge, Retro, Chevron, Lotus, Scales, Expressions.

I made a tutorial for you to explain how I did each pages so you can create one of your own !

Thank you for stopping by today and for taking some of your time to review this project !

Don’t forget to check the other Art Anthology social medias for more inspiration while waiting for my next post ! 😉


Creating cards with Colorations Sprays from Art Anthology

Using Colorations Spray Differently with Josefine

Hi, Josefine here, with two colorful cards that I created using the Colorations Sprays in a different way. I really enjoy the Art Anthology Colorations Sprays. They are so vibrant and yummy. That’s why I was wondering, if I could use them for more than “just” spraying the ink onto something.
Creating cards with Colorations Sprays from Art Anthology

And I love the effect and how the cards turned out!
Creating cards with Colorations Sprays from Art Anthology

But back to the beginning and what I actually did. I didn’t want to create a huge mess, so I used some pipettes to get the ink out of the bottles and onto my craft mat. From there it was easy to dab my paper into the ink and create this splattered background. But see for yourself how I did it:

So, what do you think? Worth creating some more cards using this technique?

Here are the supplies I used:

Creating cards with Colorations Sprays from Art AnthologyFacebooktwitterpinterestmail

Wooden wall hanger

Wooden wall hanger with Josefine

Hi and welcome back!

Today I’m sharing a small project with you using a piece of birch wood and Art Anthology paints to create a wall hanger. Even though it’s a small piece of art, I had a lot of fun creating it!

I prepared a video tutorial for you, showing you how I created the image on the birch wood:

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial 🙂

Do you ever paint on wood? I love how the Art Anthology paints turn out! They have a very distinct sheen to them. It’s hard to explain, but I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself 🙂

Here are the supplies I used:

Wooden wall hanger
Wooden wall hangerFacebooktwitterpinterestmail

Mixed media brushes canvas

Hello !

It’s too cold and gloomy outside… I needed warm colors so I choose some into my Art anthology stash and put them on a canvas !

Some crackle paste and three Colorations sprays with a stencil to create this canvas ! You will find the list with links of Art Anthology products at the end of this post.

Love the effect of Colorations sprays sinking into the crackles !

I added some butterflies because Art makes my heart flutters…

You will find the complete video tutorial on the Art Anthology YouTube channel :

Thank you for stopping by today ! I will see you in two weeks for another project…



Canvas “You and me” by Anna Komenda

Hello Art Anthology fans. It’s Anna here with my newest project created with AA goodies.

I like creating canvas. They can be easily displayed around the house. You can also add more dimensional embellishments as You don’t have to worry if it will all fit into the pocket of the album. And it’s really easy to work on the surface that is already covered with the protective base like gesso.

I usually make colorful projects but I had this picture of me and my husband on our wedding day and I wanted to create something more romantic.

DSC_8841 DSC_8848

I wanted to play with shades of mint, pink and gold with a light vintage touch.


I used beautiful wood veneers from Melissa Frances to create a background. Clock faces vere just perfect to highlight the age of the photo. It was taken more than nine years ago but I feel like it was a blink of an eye from present day.

DSC_8826 DSC_8830

My composition is quite simple. I also didn’t want to cover everything with a thick amount of medias. I just wanted to achieve this airy, light look with a shimmer of colors.


You can watch whole process on the video below.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tujEWatlkFQ]

I hope You will enjoy watching it. Thank You for stopping by and don’t forget to share Your projects with Art Anthology mediums on our FB Group Art Anthology Adventures in art.

XO Anna



Black & White, Flower Chic Art by Jax Scraps


Happy Sunday! I made a simple and chic little art to put in a frame. Something bright a cheery for your day!

Art Anthology Black & White Chic Jax Scraps

Art Anthology Black & White Chic 2
Art Anthology Black & White Chic 3

Check out How to Black & White, Flower Chic Art by Jax Scraps by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

Thank you for stopping by!

I hope that I have inspired you to create something pretty today!
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Canvas “Meadow” by Anna Komenda

Hello everyone. It’s Anna here with my newest project created with Art Anthology goodies. I have a lot of beautiful Sorbet and Velvet paints and I thought: if they are paints why not to paint with them? They are thick, have different finish but why not to give it a try? Sorbets and Velvets are great for adding some texture to the projects so I also wanted to create a painting with a little texture. So today I want to show You a painting. Or something like that because I am not a painter at all.

I decided to paint sime flowers, kind of a meadow. They are quite easy to sketch and You can create Your own shapes and compositions. I didn’t want to create a realistic painting.

DSC_8259a DSC_8271a

First step was to sketch my flowers. After that there were only pure joy of adding colors.


I used Sorbet, Velvets and Gemstones. They all have different finish which gave some nice look to my canvas. Some parts of flowers are matte and some are glossy.


Thing You have to remember If You want to create Your own painting with Sorbets and Velvets is to add another layers on dry paint. If You won’t dry it they will mix together creating not so pretty shades.

DSC_8285a DSC_8287a

When my painting was done I decided I need some black lines around my flowers. I took a pen nib and black ink and draw the lines.


If You are curious how my creative process looked like, I have a video for You 🙂

Thank You for stopping by.



Canvas “Sea”

Hello everyone. It’s Anna here with my newest inspiration. I want to show You today a mixed media canvas with sand, waves and blue sky. It’s this kind of project that You create just for fun. Full of experiments, playing with colors and mediums.

I also prepared a process video for You.



I used 8*8 canvas as a base. I was inspired by the beautiful blue Velvet and Sorbets. Last time I showed You layout created with them. This time I thought that they will look awesome as a shades of sea surface.


I created two different parts on one canvas – heavy, full of textures sea and soft, watercolor sky. I love how many possibilities You have with many kind od mediums such as mists or dimensional paints.

DSC_6828a DSC_6833a

I was finally able to use my Prima reisins that I bought ages ago. I painted them with a brush. Thanks to that the blended perfectly in my canvas.


And here is my video:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE8I_qFklRw]

Thank You for stopping by.