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Altered Art Journal Cover by Toni

Hi everyone…. Toni here with a fun and easy way to spruce up your art journal cover using Art Anthology products. First prepping the surface with gesso then I adhered different elements to the cover, such as grungeboard letters and latex lace.  I decided to use “Anthology” as my title which I feel is perfect  Merriam Webster says:  anthology  noun an·​thol·​o·​gy  Definition of anthology  1a collection of selected literary pieces or passages or works of art or music. 

I used two different stencils (listed below) and Mud Texture Paste to give more yummy texture. Finished off with some Vintage Gold wax for highlights. Hope you enjoyed  and take one of your journals or album covers and give it a face lift. For your pleasure I have included a process video below. Happy creating ! xoxo Toni

AA Products used are :

Mud Texture Paste

Stencils-Chevron, Beehive

Colorations Sprays-Indigo, Granny Smith, Peacock Feathers, Siesta Key, Timeless



Altered unicorn by Daniëlle

Hi guys!

Daniëlle here with a fun little project! I got this little paper mache unicorn which I altered using both patina and rust texture sets. I love doing these kind of projects!

Below are a few process detail pictures:


You can make one yourself by following the step by step tutorial I created for you on snapguide:

Check out How to Embellish a Unicorn With Daniëlle by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

List of products I used:

Colorations: Waimea Bay, Siesta Key, Peacock Feathers

Velvet: Portobello, Sea foam

Sorbet: Drab

Texture sets: Patina, Rust

If you need more inspiration check out Art Anthology on Pinterest and YouTube.
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Altered Steampunk Lamp by Toni

Hi crafty peeps, it’s Toni here with a lamp I altered for my craftroom. I purchased this simple lamp at a decor store for $25.00.

I really liked the bones of it but I knew it needed to be spruced up.  I also got these water goggles at the Dollar store and knew they would were intended for this project. 

I had a difficult time getting good photos of this project so I hope you bear with me.

I applied all my old metal pieces that I have collected over the years from garage sales and junk stores, as well as some chipboard pieces, chain, buttons, and plumbers pipes from the hardware store. The goggles were altered with hot glue, Art Anthology’s paint as well as alcohol inks. Art Anthology’s Texture Paste Set in Rust along with Mud Texture Paste helped me accomplish this rusty piece and provided some wonderful textures. Here is a photo out in the light, hopefully you can get a different look at this piece. 

And now I have a new lamp for my craftroom. I hope you have been inspired and you have enjoyed my new project. For your pleasure below is a Snapguide tutorial. xoxo Toni

Art Anthology products used:

Mud Texture Paste

Texture Paste – Rust

Metal Effects – Silver, Copper, Gold


Check out How to Give a Lamp a Steampunk Look by Art Anthology on Snapguide.


Peace On Earth by Toni

Toni here with a Christmas decor piece. I wanted to alter up this clock and I had this snowy, magical scene floating in my head, so let’s get started.  Now Art Anthology has just come out with a new product to create with and it’s  called Oxidized Silver Paste Set , and it transformed my clock perfectly.

I first started off with T!m Holtz assemblage clock and decided to add lots of wonderful Art Anthology Mud Paste to add texture . The oxidized silver product really brings the clock to life.  A complete tutorial is below on how I created this lighted wintery scene.

The snow for the inside of the clock was created with Velvet – Cotton, baking soda, and school glue. This photo is without the inside light on. Bottle brush trees were bleached out and covered with diamond dust glitter for a magical look. Hot glue was dripped and allowed to dry to create icicles. Hope this has provided some ideas for using our new oxidized silver products. Be sure to create something and post it on our Facebook page . Wishing you a Christmas filled with peace and joy  xoxo Toni

AA products  used for this project: 

Mud Texture Paste

Oxidized Silver Paste

Velvet – Cotton

Check out How to Create Lighted Winter Clock by Art Anthology on Snapguide.


Color My World by Toni

Hi everyone, I’m up on the blog today using some old dried up ready for the trash craft items, but if you are like me, sometimes it’s real hard to discard things.  I decided to take this paint palette that I’ve used in the past for rusting my pieces, and old paint brush that has seen better days,  a canvas that had been started in the past but I really wasn’t fond of it , and some package materials from previous art supplies in order to provide me a new inspiration piece.

Here was my rusty old paint palette that was ready for the garbage.  Hard to believe anything good could be created from this, but with Art Anthology paints I was able to get some vibrant splatters to my canvas and color palette which brought the entire project together. Check around your craft room to see what you might be able to alter. Take a moment to enjoy my snapguide tutorial below on my creative journey with this project.  Photographed below are also the colors I used for this creation. 

Check out How to Make a Fun Project Using Items Ready for the Trash by Art Anthology on Snapguide.


Chest Altered In Lovely Autumn Colors

Hello, Brandy here with today’s post!
As soon as I saw this little chest at my local dollar store, I new I would have the best time altering it! I love this time of year… When those reds and oranges and yellow colors are all ablaze.

With a few Art Anthology paints I changed this little chest into a little autumn splendor!


These paints look amazing, don’t they??

Here’s the Snapguide tutorial I made to help you make your own!!

Check out How to Alter a Mini Chest With Art Anthology Products! by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Crafting!!!

mixed media journal cover 2

Mixed media journal cover

Hello AA lovers !

Valerie again with a new mixed media project ! I altered an odd journal to create a giftable journal…

mixed media journal cover

This journal had a black cover with a silver bunny head on it, so I just applied gesso all over it, back and front, to start working on it. Some Waimea Bay spray for the background, stencil with Metallic gold effects paint and Brick stone effects paint to add dimension, plus some stamping, and the book was ready to be embellished…


Few flowers, microbeads and thread and a stamped title painted with Aloha and Desire Velvet paints… You will find the list of Art Anthology products I used at the bottom of this post.


You can watch the complete video tutorial on Art Anthology You Tube channel :

Thank you for stopping by today on our blog. I hope this project will inspire you to upcycling your old journal… Don’t forget to check Art Anthology You Tube channel, Facebook page and Pinterest account for more inspiration !


Create A Travel Size Art Kit with Toni

Hi everyone… Toni here with some creative inspiration. It’s summertime here and everyone is vacationing. Even while we are on the go, sometimes that creative spirit hits us and it’s nice to have something small that you can bust out and get a little messy with. So I am here to show you a easy way to take your canvases with you. DSC08278

Using an Altoid Mint box and creating canvases on a mini accordian album to fit nicely inside, will provide a gateway for your creativity on vacation. Art Anthology’s products add the texture, glimmer and gorgeous colors needed to produce a pretty altered art kit.

DSC08277 - Copy

Pictured here is the top and bottom of the container which has a top coat of Crackle Varnish added with seed beads to complete it. DSC08278 - Copy

The mini canvases are made in the form of an accordian album.  Each page has been prepped for artistry with either sticky back canvas, black gesso, clear gesso or watercolor paper.. all ready for your paints, inks, pastes  etc. DSC08295As you can see the mini album fits nicely in the can with room for pen nibs and more.  As creatives we seldom throw anything away knowing that it can probably be useful with our art. So be sure to save those mint containers and make yourself an on-the-go artist travel kit.


The Art Anthology products used are listed below as well as a step x step Snapguide tutorial for your viewing… Hope this has provided some inspiration for your next project… and wishing you a beautifully creative day ! xoxo Toni
Check out How to Create a Mixed Media Travel Art Kit by Art Anthology on Snapguide.


Let’s Alter Something by Toni

Hi everyone… hope your having a spectacular day and let’s get started on altering something. I recently purchased this inexpensive paper mache kleenex box and wanted to alter it to match my bathroom and it’s so easy to get a fabulous look with your Art Anthology paints and texture paste. DSC08014

And here is out it turned out…. Using AA’s Mud Paste with AA’s beautiful Kaleidoscope stencil for the foundation of the base and then loaded with AA’s Coloration Sprays, Sorbets, Velvets & Metal Effects paints to highlight all your different textures.


The beautiful sparkle really enhanced so many of the flowers and leaves. The granite in my bathroom is a combination of blacks & grays with highlights of coppers and golds so I went with these colors to alter my piece.

The Mud Paste with the stencil provide a beautiful textured base for my box.


Now to add layers of flowers, leaves, metal & wood embellishments and cover with gesso.


After your gesso is dry it’s time to add all of your sprays and paints to customize your piece.


For added interest I also topped the petals and leaves with Ultra Thick Embossing in Rust and Gold.

For your viewing I have included a Snapguide tutorial with lots more photos and step x step procedure below.
Check out How to Alter a Home Decor Piece With Mixed Media by Art Anthology on Snapguide.
Hope this has inspired you to create a one of a kind piece for your home using your Art Anthology products !  Creatively yours,  TonitoniSIG


Our “Scribble” Board

Good day everyone!  Chrissy here with a super simple and easy project that is perfect if you have family members that are constantly “to the winds”.  Someone in our family always seems to be off somewhere so I thought this “Scribble” board would be perfect for those quick notes and our constant “one up” word wars, all in good fun, of course.

AA School Project (9)Want to know how put this together?  Here’s what you’ll need:

-An MDF board or anything suitable for use with chalkboard paint (or a chalkboard if you already have one)
Art Anthology Velvet, Sorbet, and Dimensional Crystal paints
-2 lengths of a thin wood you can easily measure and cut
-Black journaling pen
-Chalkboard Paint
-Wood glue
-Ribbon for hanging

Once you have your supplies, the fun begins!  First thing you need to do is paint your board according to the directions on the bottle of chalkboard paint you chose.

AA School Project (1)
Once you’ve completed that and let it dry and cure for the directed amount of time, it’s time to start the frame of your chalkboard.  You will need to measure and cut your framing pieces down to fit the board.  Be sure to cut and measure each piece individually.  My pieces were thin enough that I could cut them with a pair of utility scissors.

AA School Project (2)
Once your pieces are cut, sand any rough edges.  Now we are ready for drawing and painting!  Bust out your beautiful color of Velvet you chose.  I used Limeaid.  The velvets are perfect for this project because they are a phenomenal base coat and really soak into the wood beautifully.  If you look closely at my photo, you can still see the grain of the wood peeking through the paint.

AA School Project (3)
Be sure to wait until the Velvet has dried completely before moving on to the next step.  Good thing they dry quickly because I am impatient!  While the paint was drying, hopefully you came up with an idea for your design.  I decided this project was perfect to try out zen doodling.

AA School Project (4)After you have your design sketched onto your framing piece, it’s time to color!  I used Fiesta Velvet paint and Dimensional Crystal paint in Blizzard and Mermaid.  For the areas that weren’t painted, I used a Sharpie pen.  A cool effect I noticed with the Blizzard Dimensional Crystal is that it absorbs the color of the Limeaid Velvet pant for a perfect tone on tone match.

AA School Project (5)Before gluing your frame to the board, wait for the paint to dry completely.  When you are ready to glue, I recommend using wood glue instead of hot glue or quick dry adhesives.  The wood glue will dry clear but more importantly, it will let your frame adhere flush with with board as well as give it lasting durability.

AA School Project (6)Once again, say it with me.  Wait for the glue to dry completely.
AA School Project (7)
I love mixing up my patterns with curves and angles.

AA School Project (10)
Now it’s time to add your ribbon and write all over your scribble board!

AA School Project (11)
AA School Project (9)

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