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Stencils, Stamping and Albums with AA

Hi Veronica here to share with you my latest mini Album and to make a personal confession.

I LOVE to create, it makes me sane, calm and a whole lot nicer.

Even though I dance around from project to project I always tend to go towards making mini albums in the end. So that is what I am sharing with you today.  I just love how I can put all my love and inspiration into a mini and not have it take me a month to make.  I also tend to be just a tiny bit impatient and the barest little bit ADD.  So making mini albums for me is kind of like instant gratification.


I am new to Art Anthology and truly am so excited about that.  I already own some Art Anthology but its limited while I wait for my design team goody box.  So when making my mini I came into it knowing that I was going to use the “Black Leather Jacket” Sorbet and the “Raider” coloration spray because that is what I already have. Which is my segue into my personal process for creating anything and the inspiration that I receive.

For me its COLOR.  I start with color then go on from there.  So with this mini album that I created I had black.  Since black can be vintage but its a little harsh I wanted to soften up the color with light.  I chose soft pink and yellow.


I also added a little colorations “FERN LEAF” on some of pages – since the pages were dark to begin with the fern rather than coming out a sage green turned out more grey which was good because I was going for the whole vintage look.


The one rule that I tend to go by when making mini albums is the continuity of the pages.  I had limited colors to work with but I knew that the sorbet I was using has a lot of flexibility in the methods you can use it.  I decided to stencil.


and I also decided to use the “Black Leather” sorbet with stamping.  I grabbed my brayer and rolled it on a blob of sorbet on my plate and just rolled it on to my stamp image and pressed.



When I was finished creating my entire album.  I went back from beginning to end and sprayed the album with colorations “Raider.”  The reason I did that was because I could judge where I could spray without over powering the entire color scheme with black.

I can’t wait to get my Art Anthology supplies so next time my work is featured on AA it will be either a canvas or a journal page.


Thank you for stopping by, so excited to be a part of this team with all these amazing artist.

Art Anthology Products Used:

Sorbet: Black Leather Jacket, Colorations: Raider, Fern Leaf