Art Broadens Horizons

Helloooooo lovelies!  How about we get a little philosophical.  How would this EARTH be without ART?  It would be just “EH”, literally.  How does art help the community?  How does art help our children learn in school?  What does art teach our kids?

My project is rather unique in that I asked my kids to contribute to it.  Each one decorated a page in anyway they wanted with the exception of my oldest, Madison.  Her artistic platform is poetry.  As they worked on their pages, I though about what they learn from art.  The results of these two ideas resulted in what I call an unexpected “2-fer”.  One one side of the page, you have art done by a child.  On the other sides are what I think art teaches my children.

The EARTH without ART is just…

Mini Album 1

Mini Album 2What does art teach our kids?  Art teaches perspective, tolerance, creativity, and imagination.

Mini Album 3
Mini Album 4
If you want to learn how I put this album together and the cool techniques I used, grab yourself a glass of wine, kick up your feet, and chiiiiiill with this Snapguide!

Check out How to Use Art as a Way to Broaden Horizons by Art Anthology on Snapguide.




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