Hi there! I hope you all had a very nice first day of Summer! In order to commemorate the first day of summer I have created a layout inspired by a picture I took of my local beach, Siesta Key Beach (#1 Beach in the US…WooHoo) on an early morning. To me the Beach is Peace, especially in the morning hours. IMG_1198


First I started by using Colorations in Waimea Bay, Denim, and PaprikaIMG_0921on an 11X11 piece of watercolor paper. I sprayed all three colors and then with a paper towel I wiped in one swift motion downwards. By doing that all colors blend together. IMG_0919


Secondly I used a template of a coral reef plant and Sorbet in Kenyan Copper. Using a card I smear the Sorbet all over the template. Once you lift the template the dimension of the sorbet will still be there. IMG_0923


Once all of that dried I embellished my layout and even used some seashells to do so. And “Voilá!” my layout is complete!IMG_1199


Hope you all enjoyed this post and please keep checking back often because all of us designers of the Art Anthology Dream Team post often. Lots of great ideas to inspire you to “Create Beauties!”

Until the next post


Roxanne Dondanville



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