More Art Journaling with Sorbet, Colorations & Crystal

Hi everyone! My love affair with art journaling continues this week as I share another page in my art journal, made with Art Anthology Sorbet and Dimensional Crystal paints and Colorations sprays.


To achieve the “night sky” look I was going for on the background page, I first spread a layer of Honolulu Blue Sorbet paint on the paper, then using a palette knife, spread layers of Imperial on top.


The wings were made using a template and Colorations sprays in Patience and Lark (they blended to make a lovely purple hue in some spots!) On top of the wings, I placed a Basically Bare canvas heart embellishment that I had sprayed with Colorations in Patience.

The clouds were made using Dimensional Crystal pain in Blizzard.  They were white to begin with, but as the paints were all still a bit damp when I hand-drew the clouds, the clouds picked up a bit of the tint of the colors from underneath.  It was an effect I was very happy with, as it added to the “night sky” ambiance I was looking for.

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