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This month, our theme is inventions.   Since I was diagnosed as legally blind when I was 8, glasses (and contacts) have been, for me,  the best invention ever. And since I have to wear glasses to see, I prefer rose colored ones (figuratively) although I think rose tinted lenses would be very cool.


I used a 12×12 canvas to create my project.  I liberally sprayed Art Anthology’s Colorations Spray in Patience and slanted the canvas sideways and up and down to spread the color.  I love how the color interacted with the canvas creating pockets of lighter and darker color as it flowed.IMG_7308

Once the first application had dried, I once again liberally sprayed the Colorations and, this time, moved the paint with a heat gun, setting the paints in the process.  The colors deepened and created other variations with just the one color spray


I sprayed Art Antholgy’s Colorations spray in Lark onto a wadded up paper towel and, by swirling and dabbing this onto the outer edges of the canvas, created a bit more of an ephemeral look.  It softened the starkness of just the color blends of the Patience spray.  It blended on the edge with the Patience and created still another color.  I really like how one merges into another so easily.


I added texture to the canvas with one of the wonderful stencils also produced by Art Anthology.  I selected Bee Hive for this project.  I sprayed the back of the stencil with a repositional adhesive to assure full contact with the canvas.  These stencils are amazing without the adhesive and using the spray is a fail safe for me.  I used a sponge brush to apply Jenn Starr’s Dimensional Crystals in Java .


I added a few drops more of the Patience and sprayed the entire piece with Colorations in Golden to give it sparkle.  Then I  heat set it all.

IMG_7315 IMG_7314


The result is a shimmer and glow to the colors.

I downloaded one of Gecko Galz digital Industrial Stamps, printed it onto a sheet of pink toned vellum and cut the glasses and bird.


Once I was certain the ink on the vellum was completely dry, I dabbed a bit of the Lark Colorations Spray on my finger and used it to smudge color onto the eyes of the stamp image.



I added the title, “Welcome to My World” and voila!  I created my tribute to inventions.


Art Anthology banner



ART ANTHOLOGY:  Colorations Spray in Golden,  Patience and Lark; Jenn Starr Dimensional Crystal in Java and Bee Hive Stencil

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to my world

  1. Donna Mundinger

    What an amazing canvas, Jules! Fabulous use of the products. Your background is gorgeous and I love how you’ve printed the stamp on the pink vellum and added it to your piece. Such a wonderful and personal piece of art. xxD


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