A little home for the garden gnome


Our garden is filled with gnomes of all sizes that I have been give as gifts over time.  My grandchildren love to move them from place to place and always ask me, “where do the gnomes live, Nana?”.  So, I decided to create a few little gnome homes.  This is the first.  They are not waterproof so will only come out when the grandchildren come to visit.

There were four parts to creating this little home:  the grass, the inside, the roof and the outside.   The little paper mache house came from a craft store with the door and windows pre cut.  As you can see, the roof is removable.


I did the grass trim along the three outer edges of the house first.   I  used the pallet knife to mix a combination of Colorations in Grass and Glorious and Dimensional Crystal in Fairy.  To thicken this mixture a bit and add texture, I stirred in some of the new Testure Paste in Stucco.



I used a heat gun to set this and then added darker color here and there with a paint brush and straight Colorations Grass.


The second part to creating the house was the inside.  Since the inside walls are viewable through the doorway and the windows, this was a must.  First, I mixed Velvet Dimensional paint in Lemon Tart with Dimensional paint in cotton.

IMG_7274 IMG_7275

While the paint dried, I dug a couple of acrylic overlays out of my stash.  I used the outside of the house to measure for the inside front and back walls and the two side walls, marked these with a Sharpie and cut just within the lines.  I also cut out a chair and wall clock.  Gnomes need furniture, right?   I glued the edges and inserted these into the house.




The next step was to create a pretty roof. First, I used the amazing Art Anthology Gesso over the roof and eaves.  While that dried.   I mixed Colorations spray in Patience and Heart on my craft mat.  I added Sorbet Dimensional paint in Frost.  I painted these onto the roof and, while the paint was still slightly damp, I blotted the roof with a textured paper towel to give the roof an aged, vintage color.  When the paint had dried, I sprayed it with the new Diamond spray to add a hint of glimmer when the sun hits the roof.




IMG_7288 IMG_7289

The next part was the outside of the gnomes’ home.  I wanted a rough textured outside befitting the garden win which the gnomes reside.  I created this with the new Texture Paste in Mud along with Velvet Dimensional paint in Limeade.  I applied this with the pallet knife from the Tools kit and, when it started to set up, dabbed again with a brush tip from the Tools kit as well.

IMG_7290 IMG_7291


While this dried, I worked on decorating the outside of house and the trim on the window and the roof.  I had a little fir tree left over from Christmas that was the perfect height but lacked color.  I sprayed the tree lightly with first Colorations spray in Grass and, when that dried, over sprayed here and there with Colorations in Glorious.


I had a pack of pretty little flowers but they were orange so Colorations spray in Heart and Patience to the rescue.



IMG_7296 IMG_7298

I heat set these and used a dab of Dimensional Crystals in Peony for fun.




A bit of rick rack around the windows and some flowery green trim on the two sides and the back of the house and, Voila! The garden gnomes have a home with more to come.


As always, thank you so much for looking at my creation.  I had such a fun time making this home for my gnomes (and the grandchildren, of course).

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COLORATIONS SPRAY:  Glorious, Diamond, Grass, Patience and Heart


VELVET DIMENSIONAL PAINT:  Cotton, Limeade and Lemon Tart


TEXTURE PASTE:  Mud and Stucco




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