Sing like no one is listening…

Hi, Jules here.  My grandson, Landon, has inherited my tin ear.  This is unfortunate as he loves, loves, loves to sing.  At four, he has no clue that if he had to sing for his supper, he’d starve.  I dread the day someone says to him, like they did to me, “you sure can’t sing”.  I created this little canvas to remind him to always “Sing Loudly” no matter what anyone says.



I wanted the canvas to be bright and colorful and appealing to a small boy so I chose primary colors on the white canvas.  I prepped the canvas with a smooth coat of Art Anthology Gesso.  Next, I used the Dottie stencil and Stone Effects in Brick to create part of the background and applied the paint with the spatula from the Tools kit by Art Anthology.



IMG_6523 IMG_6524

Once the red dried,  I used the Hurricane stencil and the Sorbet Dimensional paint in Honolulu Blue to complete the background pattern.

IMG_6526 IMG_6527

I dabbed Gesso on the white to create more interest and dimension.  And, while the canvas died, I printed a musical staff and notes onto vellum and painted the back of the vellum with 2 parts water to one part Honolulu Blue paint.  The vellum will curl up but I put it under a heavy book for a bit and it flattened right out.  I used this as the ‘frame’ for the 3 photos of my sweet boy singing at the top of his lungs!IMG_6518

I had some music themed ribbon but it was cream and I wanted it blue.  I mixed water with dollops of paint and first submerged the ribbon.  This set the base color into the ribbon.  I wanted it darker so, while the ribbon was still wet, I painted the Honolulu Blue onto it.  To lighten, all I had to do was go over the ribbon with the brush from the Tool kit dipped into water.



I dabbed  Dimensional Crystal in Red Corvette onto some white Thicker letter stickers to add some sparkle.

I hope my grandson sings loud and proud!

ART ANTHOLOGY PRODUCTS:    Stencils:  Dottie and Hurricane; Dimensional Paint in Corvette Red; Sorbet Dimensional Paint in Honolulu Blue; Stone Effects Dimensional Paint in Brick; Tools: large and small paint bursh and spatula; Gesso

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