Eye of newt and wing of bat…



I am sure the witches in McBeth drank out of plain old tankards when they drank their magic potions but I wanted something a bit more posh for my Halloween display.  Of course, I turned to my wonderful collection of Art Anthology products to create this witch’s cup for holding candy or a battery operated flicker candle.


I started with one coat of the wonderful Gesso.  I used a sponge brush to apply this layer and applied it thickly.  Once the first coat had dried, I used a bristled brush to apply a second layer that I dabbed on to create more and more texture.


I let this set up before I began to apply the color.  I wanted the wine glass to look haunting and mysterious along with aged.  I gathered  Velvet Dimensional Paint in Mardi Gras and Tuxedo and Sorbet Dimensional Paint in Vegas Gold.


I painted on the Mardi Gras first, swirling the pain on the stem and base of the wine glass.  The broad brush from the new Tools Kit was perfect for this.


Once the Mardi Gras had dried, I used a crumpled paper towel dipped lightly in Tuxedo and dabbed the darker paint here and there on the raised parts of the glass.  I used the fine point paint brush in the new Tools Kit to “outline” the base, and the bottom of the textured part of the wine glass.

While this second coat of color was drying, I painted the two tiered lace for the edge of the wine glass (or as it was becoming, my witch goblet).  Because my lace trim was two tiered I taped a piece of waxed paper between the layers, painted one in Tuxedo and the other in Mardi Gras.


While these were drying, I used an artist sponge dipped into Vegas Gold and lightly rubbed it over many of the raised areas on the bowl of the glass.  A crumpled paper towel works well too.

Before I added the lace trim, I sealed the wine glass with a clear matte acrylic spray.  This will help prevent the paint from flaking off.   Add the lace, trim and a pair of bat wings painted with Mardi Gras and before you can say ” I’ve got you now, my pretty”, you have a witch’s goblet for Halloween.


ART ANTHOLOGY:  Gesso, paint brushes from the Took Kit, Velvet Dimensional Paint in Mardi Gras and Tuxedo, and Sorbet Dimensional Paint in Vegas Gold.

Beacon 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue

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