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Mandalas are quite trendy now but to be honest, I had to look up the definition and check out the internet for samples before I understood the concept.  Many of the lovely mandalas reminded me of the beautiful stained glass windows I saw in cathedrals when my husband and I toured Italy.  So I set about creating a faux glass window piece of my own.


I found the mandala design I wanted at www.ColoringCastle.com.  I downloaded it, enlarged it to 7×7 and printed it onto vellum.  Next I selected 3 colors I wanted to use: a blue (Sorbet Dimensional Paint in Honolulu Blue), a red (Dimensional Crystal in Red Corvette), and a gold (Sorbet Dimensional Paint in Vegas Gold).  These were the colors I remembered from the stained glass in Italy. IMG_5692

I used a bit of water to thin the paint and allowed the paper to crinkle to imitate the texture of old glass.  I added the other colors next til I was done.  I started light and went back over areas I felt needed more depth of color.  The small tipped paint brush in the new Art Anthology tools was perfect for the small detail work required by this print.




I plan to take this to the frame shop and have the mandala inserted between two panes of glass and framed so I can hang it in our kitchen window to remind us of our trip.  As always, thanks for looking!

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7 thoughts on “Faux stained glass mandala

  1. LyndaKay

    Love the names of those dimensional paints. The Vegas Gold looks terrific on this pretty piece. Show us the framed mandala when it’s done.


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