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Jules here.  School starts here in Florida in just a couple of weeks.  I know my daughter, who is a first grade teacher, is already hard at work setting up her classroom so I thought I would make a Welcome sign for her little students.

I started with 5×7 sheets of canvas paper.  I cut these into 7 banner shapes and edged them with my pinking shears.   I alternated three colors of the wonderous Art Anthology paints:  Velvet in Fiji, Sorbet in Vegas Gold and Velvet in Limeaid.  IMG_5493

For the first banner, I painted on the Fiji and then lifted bits of the paint with a textured paper towel.  This gave the piece a soft muted background.


I pressed the lid to the Vegas Gold into a pool of the paint and used it to stamp circles on the background piece once it had dried.  Because I already had pools of the Fiji and the Vegas Gold on my craft mat, I painted two more banner pieces using different background painting techniques and “stamps” but retaining the same colors and shapes.

IMG_5482 IMG_5484 IMG_5485


I did two more banner pieces with the Vegas Gold and stamped with the Limeaid.




For my last two banner pieces, I painted the backgrounds with Limeaid and stamped with Fiji.




I used a textured sponge to apply the paint in this last piece and loved the look.



I edged each piece with the stamp color, added the flowers and letters and mounted the pieces overlapping on backed black card stock.


I hope my daughter enjoys her Welcome banner as much as I enjoyed playing with the wonderful Art Anthology products.

AA Final banner


Art Anthology: Velvet in Limeaid and Fiji and Sorbet in Vegas Gold

Beacon 3 in 1 adhesive

American Craft letters

Stamps: wine glass, pencil sharpener, lid from Art Anthology paint, small plastic cup, stamp pad containers.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. Monica Lowrance

    ok you gave me something to think about … now none of my products are safe!!! because they are all shapes waiting to happen. I love that. so many different shapes and nice colors too. So did she love it? I know I would.


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