Grungy with Art Anthology


Hi everyone! Have you thought about going grungy with Art Anthology’s products? Today, I would like to share with you all a grungy layout dome with tons of colorations and sorbet.

First of all, I’ve misted the background with Raider and Lark colorations.


To create the water distressed effect, I’ve simply sprinkled some water drops on it. (Tip: to create a more interesting effect, I’ve mixed the water with some white acrylic paint before sprinkled it on)


I’ve used a palette knife and spread some Tigers Eye sorbet on both right and left of the layout and while it is still wet, I’ve pressed a rubber stamp into it to create this dimensional imprinted film strip effect on the layout.


Happy misting and distressing!

xx Irene Tan

Member of the Art Anthology Dream Team

Blog: Scrapperlicious

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