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Hello everyone! I am still doing Valentine’s day projects. As tomorrow is the day I did a simple yet beautiful project; “Follow your Heart”. It is really fun and shouldn’t take you too long.

The dimensional mediums are amazing! Look how they hold those brush strokes.

Art Anthology Supplies used:

Colorations Sprays – Siesta Key
Colorations Sprays – Indigo
Shine Dimensional Medium – Ruby
Sorbet Dimensional Medium – Red Velvet
Sorbet Dimensional Medium – Splashed
Velvet Dimensional Medium – Gecko

Other supplies used:

gel pen/ acrylic pen
charcoal pencil
ink pad and sponge
embellishment glue
bottle cap
bubble wrap

Follow along in the video below:

I do hope I have inspired you to make your own masterpiece. For more ideas visit us on Pinterest and also join our Facebook group, Art Anthology Adventures in Art!

Thank you for stopping by!


Suzette Hussey

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