Christmassy art journal page with Daniëlle

Hi there everyone!

I’m a big holiday season fan and I just love spending and enjoying time with my family during the holidays! So I was in a Christmassy (or messy LOL) mood when I created this art journal page!

Here’s a step by step tutorial so you can create one yourself:

1: I love to start with collage.

2: Next I added modelling paste through the Twilight stencil.

3: Adding color using colorations sprays clover and warm and a little bit of minx ink in color indulgence.

I also added some Fairy Dust in Gilded Gold for extra sparkle.

4: Next I added some scraps of paper.

5: In my last step I added some gold glitter washi tape and a text I like. Part of it I ‘wrote’ with Raider colorations spray and a brush, part are stickers and part are letter stamps.

That’s all, see you next time!

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