Cute little canvas with Daniëlle

Hi everyone!

Daniëlle here with a cute little canvas for you!

I used:

Colorations spray: Plush, Siesta key

Fairy Dust: Ice

Velvet: Tuxedo

Stencil: small lotus stencil

Sorbet: Cayman, Bella boo (purple color)

Clear coat: Linen

Here’s a little step by step tutorial, so you can create one yourself:

  1. My base consists of collage with a layer of clear gesso.

2. Next, add color with Colorations sprays and sparkle with Fairy Dust.

3. Add a little texture by applying some velvet through a stencil.

4. For the wings I used a little different technique. I applied Cayman Sorbet, let it dry for a bit and then wiped of the excess sorbet with a baby wipe to create a dreamy look. I applied clear coat linen on the whole wing for extra sparkle.

5. The final step is to put it all together, find an image and text you like. I decided my canvas needed extra sparkle so I added some sorbet to my canvas.

I hope you liked my little tutorial, see you next time!

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