Happy New Year!! It’s hard to believe another year has passed. People have told me over the years… time flies, the older you get. They are so right! It’s scary how fast time flies. I’m going to have a 10 year old (double digits) next month. THAT’S SCARY!

My little man loves the snow. Last year we only got a few inches. Hopefully, this year we will get a little more so he can really enjoy it. Today, I’m sharing a layout I created using Coloration Sprays (Sky, Granny Smith, and Salmon) and the Meridian Stencil. I love these colors together.

To begin, I prepped the page with Clear Gesso. Once the gesso was completely dry, I placed the Meridian Stencil onto the cardstock and then sprayed about 12 inches above the stencil using the Granny Smith. When spraying multiple colors, I start with the lightest colors first and work my way up to the darker colors.

After spraying the Granny Smith, I carefully lifted the stencil and moved it to a different area on the cardstock and sprayed over the stencil using the Salmon Coloration Spray. I repeated the same process with the Sky Coloration Spray.

I used a heat gun to speed up the drying time. Once the ink was completely dry, I added my embellishments!

I used papers and embellishments from Studio Forty to design this layout. Love these chipboard pieces and the wooden enamel buttons.

I used an acrylic stamp to stamp the “Winter Time” title at the top of the layout and then I stamped “Joy” on one of the squares.

Products Used

Meridian Stencil

Coloration Sprays-Granny Smith, Sky and Salmon

Thanks so much for visiting today!

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