My Choice Mixed Media Layout

Hi all. I thought I’d mix it up a bit. I tend to create lots of layouts of my son… but every now and then, I’ll look at my sister’s Facebook photos to see if I can find some pictures to scrap for her! I really had no idea where this layout would go… but it turned out perfect. It matches her personality perfectly!

My new favorite thing to do is playing with Art Anthology’s Minx Shimmering Inks! The colors are soooooo vibrant.

To begin, I covered white cardstock using clear gesso. Once the gesso was completely dry, I sprayed the cardstock with water to water it down and then I added 2-3 drops of each of the inks separately. I waited until one color was dry before applying the others so the colors would stay true to their original color.

Once I was satisfied with the background. I used Art Anthology’s Silver Metal Effects Medium. This medium works great with the 8″X12″ Lotus stencil!

I really like how the minx shimmering inks looks mixed with a bit of water on the cardstock. Love the different shapes in the background.

I used Pinkfresh Studio embellishments to embellish this layout. The flowers were hand-cut from patterned paper and then painted using the minx-shimmering inks.

Isn’t this beautiful? I might have to frame this for her…

Here is a process video so you can see how much fun minx shimmering inks are! You might be running to Art Anthology’s shop to buy a few colors of your own once you see how fun they are to play with.

Products Used:

Art Anthology/Minx-Shimmering Inks (Panache, Bankroll, Stargazer)

Art Anthology/Metal Effects Medium

Art Anthology/8 1/2″X11″ Lotus Stencil

Pinkfresh Studio Embellishments

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