Re-Purposed Can

Good morning!! A few days ago, I noticed that my succulent plant has outgrown his pot. After thinking about what to do with it, I decided to use a can that I had cleaned with the intention of re-purposing it at the right opportunity.

To begin, I covered the can with the Patina Seafoam Stone Effects from the (Patina Texture Set) using a palette knife. The palette knife works much better than a brush because the brush would soak up the medium.

I applied a good amount to the can. I like that the medium isn’t flat… it gives the can a good amount of texture. I let this dry for a few hours.

Once the Patina Seafoam Stone Effects was dry, I added the Patina Teal Velvet all around the can, leaving the Top and bottom of the can alone. I wanted the Patina Seafoam Stone Effects to show through a little.

After frying the Patina Teal Velvet using a heat gun, I used my fingers to smear on the Patina Copper Metal Effects. This stuff is amazing!!! I LOVE IT. I let it dry for a bit.

I used the Raider Colorations Spray to cover the entire can to make it look more vintage.

Once the can was completely dry, I altered two metal butterflies and a veneer heart using the same mediums and then used Super Glue to glue it to the can.

And here is the finished product! LOVE IT.

Products Used:

Patina Texture Set

Colorations Sprays: Raider

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