Fall fever tags with Daniëlle

Hi guys!

Daniëlle here with some fall tags for you. I love fall. I love the colors of nature this time around. Fall always seems to inspire me. For today I created you some cute tags:

I used these art anthology products:

Colorations spray: Timeless, Juicy, Warm

Minx ink: Decadent, Radiance

Stencil: Flower Burst

Stone effects: Brick

These are the steps I took to create my tags:

  1. glue down some collage and add a layer of clear gesso.

2. Add color with colorations spray and add drips using minx inks.

3. Add some washi tapes and add texture by applying stone effects through a stencil.

Close up of the texture:

4. Find yourself some nice scrapbookpaper and cut some pieces. Distress the edges and with a sponge and sme colorations spray ink, add color to the distressed edges.  I did this with two different kinds of paper, for each tag.

5. Put everything together and add embellishments. Choose a composition you like. I don’t think about these things very much. I just have a look and do what I like most.

Your tags are done! Ready to be used as giftlabels for example.

I hope you liked my little tutorial and look forward to see what you create with my techniques.

Remember to just have fun!!!

See you next time!

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