Using Art Anthology mediums in your journal

Hi there,

Daniëlle here with a journal page for you. I posted a picture of the new bright velvets and I liked the colorswatch I made so much, that I decided to create a journal page with them.

Here are some close ups of my page:

If you want to know how I created these pages, you can have a look at the snapguide I created for you:

Check out How to Work With Art Anthology Products in Your Journal by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

List of products I used:

Velvets: Boysenberry, Beyond the reef, Dayglow yellow, Taffy, Gecko green, Tuxedo.

Sorbet: Flamingo, Sea Serpent

Colorations: Raider

Stone effects: Lava

Stencils: Flity, Lattice

If you need more inspiration check out Art Anthology on Pinterest and YouTube.
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