This is what family looks like, by Marleen.

Hi Art Anthology Fans,

Art Anthology got NEW Colors!!
I’ve used 2 of them

Velvet: Beyond the Reef, Sorbet: Walnut. And the third color is the Colorations Sedona which we already have but matches perfectly with the Walnut.

A perfect combination to create something aged looking.

Then we also have NEW stencils!! I used this one:

*click the image to see more stencils*

So I started in my Art Journal but after finishing I saw that the video wasn’t good! 🙁

So a short description of what I did:
*Add pieces of old bookpaper to the page with gelmedium.
*wash the page with a little gesso and water.
*Add with the stencil Velvet Beyond the Reef and cotton(blend together).
*After drying put the stencil in the same spot and brush over the Sorbet Walnut.
* Take of the stencil and water the Sorbet, the pigments will spread.
*Sponge down all the edges with Sedona.
*The tag is done with the same stencil and Sedona.
*Spray(everything except the photo) with Fairy Dust Gilded Gold.
*Add splashes Minx Stargazer and Decadent.
* Finish it with splashes gesso.

Some detail pics:

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