Pretty Altered Canvas with Brandy!

Hi Art Anthology Fans! Today I have a really pretty canvas to share with you!
When I saw the image of this lady, I knew it would make the perfect centerpiece one day…. I guess today’s the day! 🙂

I used my Cracked stencil and put embossing powder on top of my mud before drying.  Can you feel the power coming from that texture??!! Plus, I used Sterling Colorations spray to make them pop even more.

The Waimea and Wild Orchid colorations sprays look awesome together. 🙂

To finish the piece I gave it a title. I think “trust your crazy ideas” is just perfect.
Of course there’s a Snapguide tutorial for you!

Check out How to Create an Altered Canvas by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope I’ve inspired you to be creative!!

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