Playing with Minx shimmering inks!

Hi, Ellie Knol again, and you may have noticed that the Design Team of Art Anthology is featuring the Minx shimmering inks lately.

So, I will be featuring them today as well.
They are great to make backgrounds for cards or maybe for an art journal page (or a canvas, or a watercolor painting etc etc).
For now : 4 different ways to use the inks.
.. .. I hope to do some more in near future!


I’ve used the same colors for all 4 techniques.

For step-by-steps of all 4 techniques,
please see the Snapguide at the end of this post!


art-anthology-rozegroen-minx-technique1-ellie-knol-51. Using household wrap to create gorgeous shimmery effects.

art-anthology-rozegroen-minx-technique2-ellie-knol-52. Making a print with Minx inks on a gelliplate.

art-anthology-rozegroen-minx-technique2-ellie-knol-103. A brayered background with the leftover inks from technique 2.

art-anthology-rozegroen-minx-technique4-ellie-knol-44. Making a background with Minx and salt crystals.

Check out How to Use Minx Inks to Create Backgrounds – 4 Techniques by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

That’s it for today, thank you so much for stopping by again!
I hope that I have inspired you to create something pretty !

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