Let’s Alter Something by Toni

Hi everyone… hope your having a spectacular day and let’s get started on altering something. I recently purchased this inexpensive paper mache kleenex box and wanted to alter it to match my bathroom and it’s so easy to get a fabulous look with your Art Anthology paints and texture paste. DSC08014

And here is out it turned out…. Using AA’s Mud Paste with AA’s beautiful Kaleidoscope stencil for the foundation of the base and then loaded with AA’s Coloration Sprays, Sorbets, Velvets & Metal Effects paints to highlight all your different textures.


The beautiful sparkle really enhanced so many of the flowers and leaves. The granite in my bathroom is a combination of blacks & grays with highlights of coppers and golds so I went with these colors to alter my piece.

The Mud Paste with the stencil provide a beautiful textured base for my box.


Now to add layers of flowers, leaves, metal & wood embellishments and cover with gesso.


After your gesso is dry it’s time to add all of your sprays and paints to customize your piece.


For added interest I also topped the petals and leaves with Ultra Thick Embossing in Rust and Gold.

For your viewing I have included a Snapguide tutorial with lots more photos and step x step procedure below.
Check out How to Alter a Home Decor Piece With Mixed Media by Art Anthology on Snapguide.
Hope this has inspired you to create a one of a kind piece for your home using your Art Anthology products !  Creatively yours,  TonitoniSIG

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