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Sunset with Fairy Dust!

Hi there! Roxanne here with my first post for February!!! Side note… can you believe it’s Feb already? yikes!

As most of you probably know by now, Fairy Dust is a new line of sprays that came out in CHA this past month. It’s a clear spray that ads a beautiful glimmer to your projects and it comes in Ice, Sterling, Gilded Gold, and Pearl.

Well I am “OBSESSED” with them! I created this layout to display at the CHA booth and now I want to share with all of you.


Here is my step by step so that you too can create this golden delight!

I found these super cute black doilies on a clearance rack and immediately thought of the Fairy Dust sprays…IMG_8681


I went ahead and sprayed a couple with Gilded Gold and another two with Sterling.

IMG_8685 IMG_8686


As you can see I sprayed a very heavy coat and set aside to dry.



I then grabbed a 12×12 piece f black chipboard and I sprayed it with Gilded Gold Fairy Dust.

IMG_8697 IMG_8694


I already had chosen a picture of one of my amazing Siesta Key, FL sunsets for this layout. So I wanted to use the Art Anthology “Hurricane” stencil to kind of create a sun. For this I used Metal Effects in Gold.

IMG_8714 IMG_8715 IMG_8716

Are you looking at the photos above and thinking, “that doesn’t look gold.” Well, here is the trick…Metal Effects take their metal shinny effect once dry.

My next step was to smear a little bit of the edges of the stenciled image with a piece of sponge. I wanted to smooth out the edges. IMG_8718


Then I squirted and dripped some Sterling onto the chipboard.



With the doilies I created kind of a flower on the layout. I do this by adding a dolup of fabric-tac to the chipboard and then I place the doily on top of it and I squish it and try and form a flower.

IMG_8721 IMG_8722 IMG_8723



I also used Metal Effects in Gold to paint over a bunch of gold trinkets I had.



And using Dimensional Crystals in Champagne I wrote out the word “Sunset.”



So after a little hot gluing and a few word stickers my layout was finished!

IMG_9194 IMG_9195 IMG_9196

IMG_9222 - Version 2

I hope you liked my layout and are inspired to go out and buy some Fairy Dust and some MetalEffects and create beautiful shimmery stuff!

Products used:

Fairy Dust in Gilded Gold and Sterling and Metal Effects in Gold




Where your treasure is:

Hello all my creative peeps!

Kristie here with another creative journey using Art anthology products.

This month is all about Love so I created a project with a lot of heart.


It says “Where your treasure is, your heart will be also” so I wanted to fill the heart with treasures.

Here is how I did it:

1.  Using a hot glue gun,  draw the heart and add some “broken” designs around the outside.





2. Now use the hot glue gun to adhere all different types of treasures to one side of the inside of the heart. I also outlined my heart with vintage jewelry pieces.



3.  On the other side of the heart, I adhered May Arts ribbon for added texture.



4. Now use Art anthology Gesso to paint over everything. Dry it with a heat tool, then apply another layer.




5. Next, spray Art anthology Colorations “Heart” in the center of the heart.


6, Next spray Art anthology Colorations “Grape soda” around the edges of the heart.


7, Spray Art Anthology Colorations “Wamea bay” around the outside of the heart.


8. Pour some “Heart” onto the background and allow it to pool and run along the ridges that you created. Sometimes tilting the canvas around will help with this.


9. Paint Art anthology Dimensional Gems “Rhondolite”  over some of the treasure pieces.


10. Stamp around the outside using a black inkpad.


10. Spray some Art anthology colorations “Sandcastle” on some of the inside pieces.


11. Spray Art Anthology Fairy Dust over the outside of the heart.


12. I used a previously made Gelli print to write the words, then I cut them out and adhered them to the canvas with hot glue.


13. Use fingertips to rub on Art anthology Metal effects “Copper” onto the raised ridges.


14. Then rub some “Copper” onto random parts inside the heart.





Thats it! all done!

Super easy peasy lemon squeezy!!


Thank you so much for dropping by today!  Now go paint something!



Surfs up!!

Hello my artsy peeps! Kristi here with another artful journey using the awesome products from Art anthology.

This month our assignment was to choose a favorite artist and crate something in their style. I had a tough time.. lol.. because I like so many different artists, it was hard to choose. So after much web surfing and google image searching, I finally decided on Drew Brody. Drew is whats know as a ‘surf artist”.

Here are a few of my favorite Drew Brody designs.

Commissioned by a regular collector of Brophy art - this is his favorite surf spot called San Onofre

Commissioned by a collector who lives in Delaware and loves turtles and fishing.  His family is depicted in the painting.

Arent they just beautiful?? They make me feel the warm sun and the fun of the ocean waves.

Surf art is visual art about or related to the sport of surfing. There is a strong connection between art and surf culture, which reaches back 3,000 years to Peru, where some of the world’s first historians carved bas-reliefs of surfers.

A lot of my teenage years were spent on the beaches of North Carolina, so I have a healthy love of the surf and all things surf related. So its only natural that I would love surf art. I am drawn to the bright vivid colors and whimsical designs. I love the curve of the waves and the bright orange sunshine.

So I wanted to try to capture the fun in Drews’ art, and create something fashioned after his style. Mine in no way compares to his, but still I am happy with the final result. here have a peek:


Now, let me show you how I did it.

1.Draw your design: keep pencil marks light or they will show through.


2. Choose three colors for your sun, I chose “Tango,Amber and Mayan gold, paint the sun in layers. art2art3


3. I chose four colors for my water: Honolulu blue, aloha,Fiji, and Limeaid.


4. Cover the entire area where the water is in a layer of Aloha, then dry with a heat tool.


5.Add more layers of Aloha. I was using a paintbrush, but i decided to get dirty so I started using my fingers instead.


6.Use fingertips to blend in some Limeaid.


7.Then some Fiji.


8. and finally some Honolulu blue. Use fingers to smooth and blend until the water looks the way you want it to.


9.At this point I paused.. and looked at the lovley colors on my fingers……


Then absentmindedly reached up to get the hair out of my face, and waaala!! looks good with my glasses huh?


10.Okay, now letsw paint our sky: I used a layer of Aloha, then rubbed in some “reef” with my fingers.


11.I then used a paint marker to add the black outlines.


12. I added some foam for the waves with gesso and a round brush, then I outlined the foam bubbles with a black marker too.


And thats it! I really love the bright colors! And the whimsy makes me smile.


I hope you like my Surf art!

Thanks for looking!



 Dec 1 2013

Hello fellow art lovers!  Robin, here today to share a bit about myself.

And, to share another piece of Art Anthology love.


At 50 years old, I’m still trying to figure out who I am as an artist, even though I’ve been studying art since I was in Jr. High and drawing since I was a toddler.  I’ve tried so many types art,

but, I’m sure there is a LOT more that I have yet to try.

Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet 

I’ve tried and love life drawing, but I’ve never tried sculpting or ceramics.

I’ve tried graphic design, jewelry making, mixed media, watercolors, but I’ve never tried oils or pastels….unless it’s Pan Pastels. 

I’ve tried web design, typography, advertising, stamp carving, photography

but I’ve never tried leather work. 

Julie Balzer Class

(Julie Fei-Fan Balzer class at Jenny Doh’s, The Crescendo art studio.)

I still enjoy taking art classes and learning all I can, trying to find ‘my style’. 

I enjoy taking ‘in person’ classes, but I mostly take affordable on-line classes.


So many things in my life inspire me to create, mostly other people’s art.  I LOVE drawing with graphite (pencil)  I follow a lot of artists’ blogs and Facebook pages.  I love collecting art supplies, paints, brushes, canvases, art journals, pens.  I’m a terrible (in the best way possible!) shopaholic in regards to art supplies.  If I don’t know what something is, I Google it and learn all about it.

I have the means and time to work in my studio daily.  Even still, some days get away from me when I didn’t do a thing creatively.  On those days, I feel a bit empty.


I’m beyond thrilled to be on the Art Anthology Design Team.  To be in the virtual presence with so many beautiful artists can be quite intimidating, but it will challenge me to push myself to limits I have yet to reach.

For years, for MANY years I have had the desire to teach.  The basic, most raw reason is because I get so excited about what I’ve learned that I want everyone else to know about it, too.  I, literally, get heart palpitations when learning something new!  I want to show people how achievable creativity is.  I want to make paint, scrapbooking, all things I learn, to be more approachable to everyone.  I want people to feel safe in trying new things without being judged, without worrying that they are doing something ‘wrong’.

I like to share what I know, give step-by-step instructions, not so people will create exactly what I created, but so they may take a tip or technique and try it the next time they sit down to play with their arts and craft supplies.

Here is my second piece I submitted with my Art Anthology Design Team application.




Inspire 1

I water-colored Heart Red Colorations Spray onto a piece of book page to start with this page.  This book paper came from an old dictionary.  I set it aside to let dry while I worked on the base of my page.

Inspire 2

I collaged some book paper and tissue paper to cover my page completely.  If you have some papers hanging of the edge, be sure to wait until the papers are dry before you trim them off.  It’ll be much, much easier!


Inspire 3

I dry brushed some crackle paint over my page, not covering it completely.


Inspire 4

Once that’s dry, I dry brushed some Fiji Dimensional Paint here and there.


Inspire 5

Once that was dry,

I stamped some number and alphabet stamps randomly on the page. 

Then I hand tore a heart out of the painted red book paper and adhered it to my page.


Inspire 6

I painted over the red heart with

Big Dip O’ Ruby Dimensional Paint to give it a richer look.


Inspire 7

Once all that was dry, I used charcoal to outline the heart


Inspire 8

and to frame the page by smearing it across the corners.


Inspire 9

Lastly, I topped it with some foam alphabet stickers to spell the word, Inspire.


I think this color combination is just striking!

What’s your favorite color combination?

Until next time…

~Robin Redd


Be-u-tiful You!!!

Hi there everyone! Roxanne here with another post for my favorite products ever…ART ANTHOLOGY!

This is a mini album created using a Basically Bare mini album, Funky Findings, and of course Sorbets (Vegas Gold, Sand Dune, Black Leather Jacket), Velvets (Kona and Terracotta), and Colorations (Honey Bee, Focus, Glorious, and Paprika).

I started by distressing the cardboard page and painting with Kona. After that I covered the entire page with Vegas Gold. Be(you)tiful1



I also used Colorations to cover several of the pages and also some of the lace and fabric I used. Be(you)tiful3


I really like using templates with the colorations and velvets to create a unique background for a lot of my projects.Be(you)tiful2



I love how well Sorbet works on acrylic pages. Great thing about it too is that you only have to apply it to one side because it shows beautifully on both! Be(you)tiful4

And here is the final result after I embellished all the pages. All I need is pictures of my two BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS and I have a unique one of a kind Mini Album!IMG_3092IMG_3095IMG_3096IMG_3098IMG_3099IMG_3100IMG_3101IMG_3102IMG_3104


I hope you like my mini album and found some inspiration!!!! Don’t forget to keep checking back every day to see all the other designers posts.

Until the next time


Roxanne Dondanville