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Cute little canvas with Daniëlle

Hi everyone!

Daniëlle here with a cute little canvas for you!

I used:

Colorations spray: Plush, Siesta key

Fairy Dust: Ice

Velvet: Tuxedo

Stencil: small lotus stencil

Sorbet: Cayman, Bella boo (purple color)

Clear coat: Linen

Here’s a little step by step tutorial, so you can create one yourself:

  1. My base consists of collage with a layer of clear gesso.

2. Next, add color with Colorations sprays and sparkle with Fairy Dust.

3. Add a little texture by applying some velvet through a stencil.

4. For the wings I used a little different technique. I applied Cayman Sorbet, let it dry for a bit and then wiped of the excess sorbet with a baby wipe to create a dreamy look. I applied clear coat linen on the whole wing for extra sparkle.

5. The final step is to put it all together, find an image and text you like. I decided my canvas needed extra sparkle so I added some sorbet to my canvas.

I hope you liked my little tutorial, see you next time!

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Spooky Shadow Box by Farrel Tailor

Hi there everyone, Farrel here today to share with you all my first Halloween Project.

  1. I painted all my chipboard pieces and shadowbox with black gesso. I then applied Sandstone Stone Effects using a palette knife to the box and Gargoyles.

2.  I then used Cotton Velvet Dimensional Paint to add highlights to the chipboard pieces.

3. Next I dry brushed onto the shadowbox using Cotton Velvet Dimensional Paint.

4.  I painted my potion bottles using Sorbet Dimensional Paint in Black Leather Jacket…. I LOVE this colour.

5. The bottles needed some more texture as they got lost in the box so I added some Sandstone Stone Effects but I made sure I didn’t cover the pieces.

6. Next I painted some of the bottles with Kenyan Copper Sorbet Dimensional Paint

7. Finally before adhering everything together, I used Peacock Feathers Colorations Spray to colour the other potion bottles and used the left over spray on my desk to dry brush on the shadow box.

Let's Get Spooky shadow box by Farrel Tailor

Art Anthology Products Used

Colorations – Peacock Feathers

Stone Effects – Sandstone

Velvet – Cotton

Sorbet – Kenyan Copper, Black Leather Jacket

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Scrappy Art Journal Page

Hey everyone!  Suzanne here today to share with you a scrappy art journal page featuring loads of Art Anthology yummies!  I had so much fun getting my hands dirty while creating this page.  I will show you how I achieved the background using an array of AA paints and mists!


I began the journal page by priming it with gesso.  Once dried, I randomly applied paints in teals, blue, and green; I did this very loosely-not really taking care of where I applied which color.  Once those colors dried, with a palette knife, I applied a layer of molding paste over the top-varying thickness which lends texture and still allows the colors to come through.

I continue the process of applying color and paste until i’m happy with the results; Minx Inks and several Colorations were thrown into the mix and worked beautifully for adding color depth.

While the paste was still wet, I painted a piece of regular graphing paper with the beautiful paint Velvet-Beyond the Reef.  I ripped the painted paper into strips and scrunched it into the paste creating a tiered layer effect.

I continued the process of bringing varying colors of the teals and blues back to the front and reapplying molding paste in different areas.  I added stamping as well!  I’m impatient, so I helped the drying process with a heat gun.

Once the page was assembled, I added some extra shimmer to the entire page by applying a coat of Splashed.  It added the perfect amount of bling to the finished page!  Here are some closeups!


Art Anthology Supplies: 
Sorbet- “Cayman, Splashed”
Shine- “Teal, Kelly”
Velvet-“Beyond the Reef, Figi” 
Minx Ink-“Panache, Stargazer”
Colorations-“Sky, Waimea Bay, Siesta Key”

Other Supplies: 
wire, masking tape
mica flakes
graphing paper, sticker embellishments, stamps

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  I hope that I have inspired you to get into your crafty space and get some ink on your hands!  If you need more inspiration, make sure you are following us on Pinterest and don’t forget to join our Facebook group Art Anthology Adventures in Art!


Today/ Mixed Media Layout

Good morning! Nicole here with a fun mixed media layout I created using a variety of mixed media mediums. For this layout, I used Velvet Dimensional Paint (Fiji, Tuxedo). I also used Sorbet in Vegas Gold…PRETTY!!! And I used Salmon and Waimea Bay Colorations Sprays. Love how vibrant these sprays are. GORGEOUS.

To begin, I sprayed the Colorations sprays onto white cardstock. Then, I used the Pebbles stencil and the Vegas Gold Velvet Paint to create a fun patterned at the bottom of the layout.

I dry brushed the Fiji Velvet Dimensional Paint all over the top half of the layout. I had a general idea as to what I wanted this layout to look like and it turned out perfectly.

Once the paint was dry, I sprayed the Waimea Bay Colorations Spray all across the top of the layout and let it drip down. I did this two times. Then I used a heat gun to dry the ink.

I used the Take Flight stencil and the Tuxedo Velvet to paint the birds. Love these little guys!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by today. It means so much to me!

When you have time, take a look at my video to see how this beauty came together! If you need more inspiration check out Art Anthology on Pinterest and YouTube.
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Products Used:

Stencils: Pebbles StencilTake Flight Stencil

Velvet Dimensional Paint: Fiji, Tuxedo

Sorbet Dimensional Paint: Vegas Gold

Colorations Sprays: Salmon, Waimea Bay



Metamorphosis: A Gelatin Print Journal Page

Hello, welcome to another blog post!  Everyone needs an outlet, something to unwind. Mine is locking away and working in my art journal. I really let go and ideas just start to flow. Today I want to share with you a page I did recently; “Metamorphosis”. Isn’t that beautiful!


For this journal page, I decided to work with my gelatin plate as I just love the backgrounds and other effects you can create. Look at the amazing texture in the background!

I also used a technique called masking, which I will show you in the video tutorial below.  

Art Anthology products used are:
Sorbet Dimensional Paint – Summer
Sorbet Dimensional Paint – Flamingo

Other supplies needed:
5″ x 7″ gelatin plate
5″ x 7″ mixed media paper
white craft acrylic paint
black pigment ink
rubber stamps
Robins Nest Dew Drops – Lily Pad
embellishment glue
scrap paper
fan brush/toothbrush
texture tools – bubble wrap & yarn
any quote you want to add

Follow along in the video below:


I do hope I have inspired you to make your own masterpiece. For more ideas visit us on Pinterest and also join our Facebook group, Art Anthology Adventures in Art!

Thank you for stopping by.

Suzette Hussey


Colorful tags with Daniëlle

Hi there everyone!

Daniëlle here with some colorful tags for you today!

I created them in a couple of easy steps:

  1. Add color with Velvets. Paint your tags.

2. Add structure using different colors of velvet and stencils.

3. While your tags are drying, color some die-cuts using colorations spray.

4. Add some stamping to the colored die-cuts and glue them to your tags.

5. To give my tags some sparkle I applied some clear coats through the cracked stencil.

6. While everything is drying, I stamped some butterflies and colored them with sorbets.

Final step is to put everything together and add a text you like.

Here’s a list of products I used:

Velvet: Taffy, Tango, Gecko green, Fiji, Boysenberry, Dayglow yellow.

Stencils: Chasing butterflies, Twilight, Cracked.

Colorations: Plush, Glorious.

Sorbet: Seaserpent, Cayman, Summer yellow, Flamingo.

Clear coat: Dazzle, Linen.

I hope you like it! See you next time!

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Mixed Media Beach Board by Toni

Hi everyone… hope you are all having a nice month of August. Today I have for you a clip board I purchased from the dollar store and I transformed it into a beachy layout, featuring my daughter and my niece about 25 years ago… Hope you enjoy. I started by adding some wood grain paper and then priming the surface for my sprays and paints. Using some drift wood from the beach, twigs from my yard, fishnet, and paper clay elements provided lots of yummy texture. Applying my Colorations Sprays and Minx Shimmering Inks really brought this to life. All of the supplies used will be listed below. Take the unexpected and turn it into a keepsake to hold your memories. I hope you will give this a try. I also have a process video below for your viewing. Wishing you a day filled with peace & love…. hugs

Supplies used:

ColorationsTimeless, Wiamea Bay, Siesta Key, Sandcastle, Granny Smith

Minx Shimmering InksDecadent, Gold Dust


Metal EffectsGold

Stone EffectsBone


3D Mixed media heart with Daniëlle

Hi there Art Anthology fans!

Daniëlle here with a little 3D mixed media project for you! It’s really hot here in the Netherlands so I’m having a lot of fun in my craftroom where it’s nice and cool.

Here’s a little step by step of my project for you:

  1. Add some bone stone effects through a stencil.

2. Add embellishments in a composition you like.

3. Add color using minx inks and colorations spray.

4. Using seaweed sorbet and the gold color from the rust set, add some accents to your piece.

5. Stamp a butterfly (or a different image you like) and add sparkle to it by adding Dazzle clear coat.


6. Put everything together and add a text you like.


Here are a couple more close ups for you:

These are the products I used:

Colorations: Clover, Sandcastle

Minx inks: Bankroll, Gold Dust

Stencil: Keyhole

Stone effects: Bone

Texture set: Rust (I only used the gold color)

Sorbet: Seaweed

Clear coat: Dazzle

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A colorful, summer inspired, journal page by Daniëlle

Hi Guys,

Daniëlle here with a colorful, summer inspired, art journal page for you!

I just love summer and it’s bright colors, don’t you? The colors get me in tropical moods even when it’s raining over here in the Netherlands.

If you want to create this page too, follow these steps:

  1. Add collage and some texture. I used the coffee stain stencil and Bone stone effects.

2. Add color with colorations and Minx inks.

3. Add texture using velvet, sorbet and stencils. I also added some background stamps.

4. To finish your page, add a nice quote and an image you like.


Here are some close ups for you:

This is the list of products I used:

Colorations: Juicy, Barbie, Salmon, Plush

Minx inks: Enchanting, Radiance

Stone effects: Bone

Stencils: Coffee stain, Do the Polka, Messy bubbles

Sorbet: Flamingo

Velvet: Tango

I hope you like it!

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Mixed Media Embroidery Hoop by Toni

Hi everyone, today I have a fun altered project that you can create using fabric and Art Anthology’s products.  I started with my embroidery hoop with muslin material.  I added some texture paste through one of our stencils and then began adding my pretty colors of Sorbets, Velvets & Coloration Sprays. For some of my embellishments I used hot glue and used them in sea shell molds. Then I primed them with gesso and continued using the beautiful AA products on them. Fun summery project, I hope you enjoyed and for your pleasure I have a video tutorial below. Have a spectacular day !

Art Anthology supplies used:

Stone Effects: Bone

Sorbet-Kenyan Copper


Metal Effects-Gold


Minx Shimmering Inks:


Gold Dust

Coloration Sprays:


Sand Castle


Stencil-Large Doily

Craft Mat