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Art journal, tags and goodbye from Marianne

All good things come to an end they say, and so is my artful journey here at Art Anthology.

I have been with Stayce and her team almost from the start and it has been an awesome journey.
To be able to play with all those fabolous products, to just revel in all the paint and mist, and also recently medium, stencils and embedibles. It’s been pure joy and happiness.

But now it’s time for me to leave, to let other fabolous artists – yes – artists are what we are – start their artful journey here at Art Anthology.
I wish you all the best and most of all – have FUN!!

So to show you my last post I have a special treat for you. At least I thought it was a fun thing to do.
I made tags, to say THANK YOU!!
8 tags, with the letters thank you

IMG_8292 IMG_8293

IMG_8307 IMG_8309 IMG_8310I cannot find words that show how much I have appreciated my time here at Art Anthology so my tags will have to do.

Next, and the last I will show you is an art journal again.
This month we are focusing on Inventors and Inventions

Wheel – that’s my theme on this page, as you probably can see

I started prepping my page with Art Anthology Gesso. (that’s one of the most important products I will miss, even though I have some cans left)

And for making the bacground I used different Velvet and Sorbet in blue/green colorpalette
Velvet: reef, lagoon, fiji
Sorbet: mint julep

IMG_8167Recently I have discovered how fun it is to use a brayer, so I decided to use that on my page
Mixing all the colors on this pallette-paper
Looking good!!
Remember I always have tags around on my desk, in case of extra paint etc so here is the start of the tags you see on the top

When the page was completely dry I took one of my Tim Holtz stamps with circles and the black Tuxedo Velvet

IMG_8174IMG_8176Stamping with paint is fun, you never know how it turn out LOL
as you see here…. a bit much paint in the start
IMG_8177as I had so much paint left, I used a toilett roll and made some other circles
IMG_8178IMG_8179Still more paint left….ahhh..the tags
Decided I needed some other colors and used my Coloration Timeless, salted caramel and Peacock Feathers
IMG_8181and on the tags of course


The theme, almost forgot, Wheels

I used a black pen and draw this old Velocipede

Or at least I tried to draw one
Wanted some more interest on the page and used some Art Anthology Gesso and this gorgeous circle stencil.
Just used a makeup-sponge and dabbed the gesso through the stencil random places on my page

Needed some text, related to the theme

You’ve got to take life
and ride it till the wheels fall off!

Also added some Sorbet Tigers Eye on the wheels and in the circles.
Used a black and white pen to outline some of the circles.








Art Anthology products used:
Velvet: Reef, Lagoon, Fiji, Tuxedo
Sorbet: Mint Julep,, Tigers Eye
Colorations: Peackock featers, Salted caramel, Timeless
Stencil Bubbles

So, that’s all folks!
Please take care all of you and welcome our new designers who will join Art Anthology DreamTeam soon!!

Lots of hugs  and see you around!


We won’t say goodbye…we will say see you later…and a welcome!

We’ve got some big news to tell you, but first we have to say “see you later” to some very dear friends…

They started as design team members and have grown into so much more. They’ve brought such fun, inspiration and oodles of talent to Art Anthology and for that we will forever be grateful.

Please stop by their homes and give them some love. We will all be stalking them to see their beautiful art!

Thank you Marianne, Diana and Veronica for all your dedication, time and talents!  I will miss you!



now….on to the big news…we’ve added 6 new Dream Team Girls!!

We had so many amazing applications come in and choosing was extremely hard. We wanted to take all of them! Thank you very much for the interest in joining our team.

So without further ado… please welcome the new members to our team

jenSIGmartaSIG thandarSIGChrissySIG
michelleSIG kathySIG

We are also super excited to announce that these wonderful girls will be staying with us for another term…

marilyn_sigroxanne_sigkristie_siglanette_sig marleen_sig monica_sig robin_sig stephjules

2015 is going to be an amazing year!!!

Thank you for being who you are and for all your support!



Here I come – layout by Marianne

Hi peeps, Marianne here with my first post this month.

I have been playing with some of the gorgeous Art Anthology products and a layout this time.

The photo is just my feet and my new shoes, out walking. (not running LOL )
Tried to match the colors from my shoes on the background paper.
IMG_7977 IMG_7980 IMG_7981

Here you see the details of the new gorgeous texture paste “mud”IMG_7982 IMG_7983 IMG_7984 IMG_7985Art Anthology products used:
Texture paste Mud
Colorations Hottie and Peacock Feathers
Stencils: bubbles and dottie

Hope you liked my post!




The Vitruvian woman by Marianne

Hi there, Marianne here with my last Januray post.
Hope you all had a fun time at CHA (those of you attended)

This time, the Dream Team are showing some art, inspired by a great artist.

Dont’ know if you will recognize who’s my great inspiration, so I guess I have to tell you, before I start showing how I made it.
Well… my inspiration this time is Leonardo Da Vinci and his ” vitruvian man”
I was inspired by the “drawing” and also by Leonardo’s other sketches.

So I started in my old book-journal, with gel medium over the whole pages. ( I planned to use a lot of medium/paint so I wanted to make sure that the pages could hold it)
bilde1I always pour too much gel medium on my pages so I need to have another journal with some blank pages beside me – always!
Here’s some of the things I planned to use, making these pages (as you will see…something changed during the process – as usual LOL )
Next I added Art Anthology Gesso random over the pages

Added some of the Tim Holtz tissue wrap that also inspired me

Sprayed som Colorations Salted Caramel randomly
Cut out the image I wanted to use and glued with gel medium
Next I wanted some other colors and used this cool Art Anthology stencil  “hurricane” – designed by  Marleen van Meerendonk with Colorations “heart”
Here I’ve turned the stencil around and used the mist

the result
Dabbed the paper cloth over the mist and it got really soft, but still noticable
Went over all the lines from the tissue wrap with a black pen (waterproof)

Ok, need some colors
velvet “Fiji” and “Lagoon”
bilde13 bilde14 bilde15
Needed more colors
Velvet “desire” and “mayan gold”
Used a white pen and made some “dots”
Also used a black pencil (Stabilo all + water) to highlight the black lines
Also used black Gelato around the edges and a stamp (pens) random places (they are in fact not easy to spot, but I know they’re there)

Finished pages!!
It didn’t turn out the way I planned, but I’m sill very happy with the pages!
IMG_7968 IMG_7972 IMG_7973Hope you liked my intepretation of the Vitruvian man


More Art Journals from Marianne

Hi there, Marianne is back with rest of my art journals pages, made in my homemade journal for CHA.
Hope you stopped by the Art Anthology Booth if you visited CHA.

Page 1
Another page with humour and sarcasm, just the way I love it
Page 2
This page is without words and meanings.
I just played with the colors and stamped impages.
The flowers are colored with Colorations

This is the middle of my journal, as you can see the thread and how the journal is mounted
Page 3
Not very happy with these two pages, but so what, an art journal don’t need to be perfect.
I wanted to use the image of the lady and use it in a dramatic way, but it didn’t turn out the way I had planned.
On the right side I have used stencil and Stone effects
Page 4
Positive words from me.
Stencils and colorations and a lot of stamping
Page 5
Love this color combo!
Page 6
A page really not finished I think, but so what, I had fun playing with it.

Page 7 (last page)

So, that was my complete journal (the first pages you can find on the blogpost from January 8th)
Hope you liked it!
I’ll be back later this month with some more art



Art journals by Marianne in homemade journal

Hi there, and a very happy New Year to you all!!
Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas time!

Now, only a couple of days before CHA, I’m showing some of the pages in my homemade journal, made specially for CHA and Stayce DeWid.

I started with watercolor paper and just folded and stiched with some stiches in the middle. The outside of the journal is a  canvas sheet, folded around one watercolor paper.

Most of the pages are gessoed first, some also with some gel medium, just to make some different look.
And I have used mostly Colorations spray inks on the pages, not so much paint.

So sit back and enjoy my pages! Hope you get some inspiration!

Here is the front of the journal
front front2 front3

And here is the back: back
First page after the cover.
You can see how I’ve folded the canvas sheet around this page.
On this page I also used some of Art Anthology gorgeous stencils
page1 page1-1
Page 2:
Other colors and stencils
Look how I made some “blush” in her cheeks, with colorations and a brush
On the little tag you see how the colorations have reacted differently on the part where I have Gesso and not Gessoed. I really like that effect and use it all the time in my journals.
Try not to be so perfect when I gesso the paged and then I get such result.
Page 3
Green is not one of my favorite colors (apart from the awesome green/neo-green of my car), but I really liked how this page turned out.
Mathced with some Gesso+stencils and black Gelatos it really spoke to me.
Stamped a lot with different stamps and used a green stamp-pad

page3 page3-1 page3-2 page3-3 page3-4
Page 4

I love it when I find some really fun sarcastic quotes and matching that to some magazine images
Here I used some of the awesome Gesso by Art Anthology and the circle stencil
Page 5
On this page I’ve used Stone effect Lava and the bird-stencil
page5 page5-1

Page 6
I love the yellow/pink combination on this spread and when I found the two images in my pile matching so good I was really happy. (and to be honest, made me jump a bit, because I felt it looked awesome)
page5-3 page6

I hope you enjoyed my pages, and if you go to CHA, please stop by and take a look at the journal and see all the gorgeous project from the Dream Team!



Christmas cards by Marianne

Hello there and Merry Christmas!

Marianne here today and I’m hoping you had a beautiful Christmas time together with your family and loved ones!

Today I’m showing some Christmas cards and also featuring some of the new Art Anthology products, as gold and diamond colorations inks and also the smooth paste! Awesome products as always!

I made some small steps for the cards and here they are:

First I started with a craft cardboard and added some of the smooth paste.
Next I used one of the cool tools to make a pattern.
Then added some of the Diamond mist. In fact, it’s not easy to see, but I wanted to test how the Diamond mist would be on white medium.

Nest step is colors and here I used Studio Blue and Peacock Feathers

Here is the finished card.
As you see, I also used the stencil with stard combined with the Smooth Paste. This paste is just fabolous and almost looks like plaster when dry.
Just remember to stir before use!
I addes some stars embedibles and lots of flowers.
The flowers has a coat with Art Anthology Gesso random places.


The second card, on black bazzil (back side)
Here I also used the smooth paste, Gold and  Diamond  Colorations.
Used a credit card to just drag the paste out
After dry, (it dries very quickly) I added the diamond Colorations. Not very easy to see here so I decided to use the Gold Colorations instead.
Much better and the Gold is really cool on black!!


So here is my artsy snowman-card.
Really loved how the gold looked here together with the black cardstock and the white smooth paste!
IMG_7455 IMG_7456 IMG_7457 IMG_7592

I worked with several cards at the same time and here is a third card using Gold colorations and the cool stencil with stars

On the last photo under here,  your see one card with stars and the other is just the stencil filled with Gold Colorations pressed on the cardstock as a mopup.


I decided to use some Metal effects Gold on the embellishmenst on on of the cards, so here is both the chipboard and flowers dipped in Gold metal effects
The finished card with golden flowers:

I added a coat of Sorbet Frost on top of the image, just to get some effectIMG_7588 IMG_7589

The last card, very simple with simple effects
Here I also added Gold metal effects on the chipboard and the embedibles stars
Some gold tape and a white ribbon
IMG_7595 IMG_7597 IMG_7599 IMG_7601
Art Anthology products used:
Smooth paste
Metal effect Gold
Sorbet: frost
colorations: gold , diamond, peacock feather, studio blue, raider
Art Anthology embedibles and stencils

Hope you liked what I made!

And so I want to wish you e very happy new year.

See you in 2015!


Tags and Art Journal by Marianne – Art Anthology and Stampendous Blog Hop


Welcome to Day 5 of the Art Anthology/Stampendous Blog Hop.
This week, we are partnering with each other to offer you tons of inspiration using products from Art Anthology and Stampendous.
Make sure you check back through the day as there will be several projects posted each day.

I just LOVED the stamps I got from Stampedous and I am really thankful for the possibility to play with those stamps I Know for sure these will be used A LOT!!
As I am doing a lot of art journal and tags, these stamps are perfect as background stamps!

In this post I will show you three tags and one Art Journal.

First the art journal.

I started the page with some Art Anthology Gesso , Colorations Timeless and Studio Blue.
Next I used almost all of the background stamps I got from Stampendous.

I then stamped the face on a watercolor paper, cut out and colored the eyes and lips with colorations Patience (lips) and Studio blue (eyes)
Next I took some tape on another watercolor paper and cut out like a dress and also the “arms”

Added some Colorations here and there on the background with a brush





IMG_7580 IMG_7583


Next, my tags.

In fact, the tags are with the same colors as the art journal, Timeless and Studio Blue. Not that I don’t have other colors, but those were the colors that dripped on my craft sheet after using them on the art journal.


On the first one I have used the   die-cut kraftboard, double-sided adhesive paper and glitter, colored with Colorations Studio blue and Timeless

I also misted the ribbon in the same colors, even stamped on the ribbon with the random-text stamp by Stampendous

Loved the effect I got on the glitter, when spraying with colorations IMG_7567


On this tag I used the die-cut craftboard tag, double-sided adhesive paper and suede flock + misted with Colorations

The last tags is only background stamps, some colorations, tape and pieces of pattern paper/tags
Also used one of the  printed greetings, cut it in suitable size, some ink on the edges and colorations timeless at the end.

Stampendous projects used: 
Pen Pattern Dark Rubber Stamp
Stack art elements Storm5
Stack art Cling rubber stamps Royal Heart kit

Art Anthology products used:

studio blue
peacock feathers

Don’t forget to visit us every day for more inspirational projects. There will be Art Anthology prize packs given away to three of our lucky commenters, so make sure you comment each day. Stampendous is also giving away fabulous prizes over on their blog so visit them too! Don’t forget to visit the Stampendous Facebook page and tell them Art Anthology sent you.

Make sure you stop by the Stampendous blog today and see the great projects they are posting:

Also, don’t forget to follow both companies on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Art Anthology:


My blog:

Crafty hugs


House of the rising sun – Art journal by Marianne

Good day all of you Art Anthology fans! Hope you are all fine and getting ready for winter (at least it’s nearly there here in Norway).

Marianne here today and I’m going to show you an art journal spread again. I must admit – I page I really love and enjoyed making.

The team got this “music” theme for our second posts and I knew exactly what I would do, or at least, which song I would make.
I simply LOVE the song “house of the rising sun”, by Animals. It’s a song I learned to play (by myself) on both piano and guitar and a song I always use on my ear out walking (and often on repeat LOL )

There is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God, I know I’m one

My mother was a tailor
She sewed my new bluejeans
My father was a gamblin’ man
Down in New Orleans

Now the only thing a gambler needs
Is a suitcase and trunk
And the only time he’s satisfied
Is when he’s on a drunk

Oh mother tell your children
Not to do what I have done
Spend your lives in sin and misery
In the House of the Rising Sun

Well, I got one foot on the platform
The other foot on the train
I’m goin’ back to New Orleans
To wear that ball and chain

Well, there is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God, I know I’m one.

On these pages I tried to tell a story from the song, painting in houses, rails, ball&chain, trunks, sun etc.
Guess you now see how much fun I had making this!

I started with a gessoed page and used the colors Colorations  Ink spot and salted caramel to make the background (added some spritz of Waimea Bay and some water as well)

Used the birds-stencil Take flight (ohhh… I love this) togheter with Black Tuxedo Velvet and also the Dots Matrix-stencil for more texture.


Here you see the trunks and suitcases
The small houses is made with a stencil and pattern paper by 7Dots Studio.
And some stamps on the background of course
I’ve added Gold Metal effects on the roof, the door and in the windows, not so easy to see here

The sun got  a coat of Stone Effect Bone. I planned to color it yellow, but decided to let i be neutral and just colored the “beams”
IMG_6821 IMG_6822





Hope you liked my post and got some musical inspiration



Platanias by night – Layout by Marianne


Hi peeps!
Do you know what day it is today?
Yes, correct, it’s Saturday, 8th of November.

In fact, it’s my Birthday!!  Hippity hip hooray for me!

So, let’s get over to some serious crafting!

Today I have a layout to show you with a photo from our summervacation in Platanias, Crete

We went up to the old town at night and got this fabolous view over Platanias city and the Mediterranean sea.

I wanted to use some of the new  gorgeous Art Anthology stencils and on this layout I used the birds  –  “Take flight” as my “centerpiece”.
I think , one of my favorite! (and has been using it a lot on art journals etc lately)


But let me show you, what I came up with with the products below: IMG_6661
First I gessoed the craft carton with clear Gesso and let it dry.
Next I took the stencil and Stone effects Lava
IMG_6664 IMG_6666 IMG_6667
I used the heat gun a bit to dry the birds and starting spraying with Colorations Ink SpotIMG_6670
Here it’s dry and you see the effect of the clear Gesso very well.
Some very  interesting texture!IMG_6674  After dry I added some Colorations Salted Caramel (love that color!!)
My idea was to use the same colors as in the photo and I think I managed rather well as you’ll see further down hereIMG_6679

Next I sprayed some waterIMG_6683
and used the new brush and Colorations PatienceIMG_6684
Just colored in the pink randomlyIMG_6685 IMG_6686
And of course I have to have some stars on the “sky”.
So I used the blending tool and the Twilight stencilIMG_6691 IMG_6692

At this time I think I’m finished with the background and start adding some papers, stamping a bit on the background to get even more interest
And together with the stencil Twilight, the new embedibles stars – just perfect match!!

IMG_6745 IMG_6746  Art Antholgy products used:
Colorations: ink spot, salted caramel, patience
Stone effects: Lava
Stencils: Twilight and Take flight
Embedibles: stars

Hope you liked my Birtdaypost and wish you all a glorious day!